keeper of power

You wait silently


You see those who wish me to not know you

You follow me through my life

my dreams

my meditations

The day comes for you to step forth

and own a piece of my consciousness

Come out of hiding

lay on the rock and sun yourself

Your stomach is full

and there is time for play

Those who wish me not to know you

are too late

or thwarted

For we have joined our love together

You bring strength, power and leadership

to blend with my female intuitive heart

You have been there always

behind the bushes

prepared to defend me if needed

I have felt you

loved you

feared you

but now you are my big kitty

You snuggle up to me

and tell me about your secret life

We climb the tree of life

and observe the folly below

You teach me how to stalk my own power

we pounce upon it

devour it

and revel in satisfaction

never taking more than we need

Some are inspired

some are fearful

that is simply the life

I welcome you home to me

Your wait was a long one

and now forever we shall walk side by side

Engtovo ~ September 9, 2001

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