Super duper power house of energy

Collapses upon itself

Falling down

Like a building implosion

The dust cloud envelops those who are near

When the dust settles will they be recognizable

to us

to themselves

Falling pieces scatter

and are given back to the source that birthed them

Reintegration occurs freeing them to be something greater

something bigger

something whole

Now changed, everyone touched walks forward into the world

They share what they experienced

It enters their dreams

and commands their thoughts

moving out in ripples

Resistance would have been futile

Like a single water droplet stopping an ocean tide

There is no turning back

Many run in fear of what was witnessed

Many hide and pretend they don’t know

But they are covered with dust

There is no escape from the truth

The site is now clear

Freedom of expression found

Life continues forward from a new starting point

what was once a super duper power house of energy

is now pure energy itself

Transformation is complete

Engtovo ~ August 30, 2001

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