Seemingly Peaceful Environment

Seemingly Peaceful Environments are all around

What is in the houses I see?

The discord hidden from view

but there none the less

No assistance is sought

The doors are locked tightly

the shades pulled

Who will know if help is needed?

Communications are shut down with any who would understand

but left open with those who will not question the inner workings

I stand outside and yell “hey! What’s happening in there?”

I get no response

I return every day and yell again

After a few weeks someone peers out from behind the shade

I return day after day asking her to come out of the house

Eventually she comes out onto the porch and talks to me

The conversation is light and not greatly significant in nature

We speak every day for a while

The subjects start to get deeper in nature

One day when I arrive the shades are pulled

and the door is locked tightly again

I stand outside and yell “what happened”

There is no response

I wonder if i have the energy to continue coming back every day

I see people walk by unknowing that there is anything to pay attention to

Will she ever come back out?

I’m beginning to wonder if I care anymore

Perhaps the discord should remain hidden from view

I wonder why I have spent so much time

I will no longer coax her out

If she chooses to stay locked inside ignoring the world

I will allow it to be so

I showed her the beauty available

and she chooses to remain in her limited

seemingly peaceful environment

Engtovo ~ August 30, 2001

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