I’m Calling Out

I’m calling out

hands outstretched

Smiling bright

Dreams manifest and become reality

and when I look back I wonder how I could have questioned that knowing inside

Impatience brought me to that place

The intolerant place that demanded things occur when and how MIND thought they should

I am grateful Divine Self for the things given

as well as the things denied

For now in the understanding it is clear the things denied were out of alignment with my intent

I’m calling out

heart all aglow

Smiling bright

The answers are clear and present

The way has been paved for my intention to receive completion

and move freely through the world

God’s words speak and I am listening now

however I am understanding when the answer is no

The pathway is unobstructed and filled with grace

and gratitude abounds within me

Thank you God for all that I AM

There is deepening of joy in the moments that I pass through

and I give over freely

I’m calling out

with humility within

Smiling bright

With understanding of receiving completed I ready myself for giving

Energies move forth to bring into expression all that will serve the whole

There has been a vision

Parts have shifted and changed as MIND attempted to control it’s desired outcome

But the vision was pure

born in Divine light

What was true remained and left behind that which was false

Movement now takes me to it’s outpouring force

and the work shall begin in fullness this day

I AM calling out

in service to God

Smiling bright

Engtovo ~ August 30, 2001

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