The Hiding

Why do we hide

Is there really a purpose In our hiding

Do we accomplish that which we have set out to accomplish by our hiding

Are we protected

encased in a cocoon of safety

or just embracing fear

How do we hide

The ways to hide are infinite

We ignore life in all of it’s pain

In all of it’s beauty

We excuse ourselves from living and have endless justifications for our action

The world in it’s hurtful ways pushes us into the recesses of our own minds

Our spirits

And our homes

Many people hide in a bottle of alcohol

Some use another mind-altering substance to allow them to forget that the world’s hurtful ways exist

But while we hide in whatever form we use, the world goes on without us

We leave this world

into our own

The world is left without our energy

Our perspective

Our truth

We must come out of hiding to have our say

To speak our wisdom

What if Jesus hid his life away

What if Buddha hid his life away

What if Krishna hid his life away

Can we justify our hiding by lessening ourselves

Surely we are not as important as Jesus, Buddha or Krishna

Are we

Do we know

Could we ever know what our worth is in the greater plan of God’s design

Perhaps a simple servant inspired Jesus to teach

Perhaps a small child inspired Buddha to greater understanding

Perhaps a friend said to Krishna “You should really share some of these teachings”

Do we know

What do we keep from the world when we hide, will we ever know

And what do we hide from ourselves in the process

The time for hiding is over

Life is to be lived in fullness

The world in its painfulness will never be healed by us hiding

or it is those who are aware and are affected by its painfulness that have access to the solutions

Some of us may have a tiny solution

Some a large solution

As long as we remain we will never know who has the puzzle piece

that will complete a personal or societal puzzle

I am coming out of hiding and offering myself

My medicine

My gifts

To this world

Makes no difference if they have a tiny impact or a huge one

For the greatest loser in the hiding would be me

I think of a message given from spirit

“throw away all the doors my dear that none be shut”

And so I shall throw away all the doors

My safety is in the hands of a higher power with or without the doors

I will stand freely as who I am

The hiding over

Join me in the world my friends

It will be a beautiful day

We can change the painful hurtful world first by refusing to run

Expressing our joy

Our knowing of a different way

Yes it will be a beautiful day

because I will no longer give the world my power to make it anything other

Will you continue to give the world yours

Engtovo ~ August 29, 2001

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