Ode To My Daughters


so strong and true

straight like an arrow

I always know where you stand

you leave nothing unsaid

your grace enters the room before you arrive

your beauty is so great and yet cannot contain the beauty of your spirit

you do what you must and rarely seek advice

your every breath is an expression of something greater than your self

although you are not the oldest you lead all of your sisters

they follow you joyously

for you do not command

you are practical in nature without being rigid or inflexible

you are without a doubt one of God’s greatest creatures

Lestadha my baby

you are not baby like in anyway

your innocence is that of playfulness that could never be mistaken for immaturity

you are the one to always see the best and brightest of every situation

when your sister tells you of the dire circumstance in need of attention

you will immediately find the light that exists there and illuminate us all

you walk with great pride in your heritage without ego or arrogance

you take up the cause of a stranger as easily as you take up the cause of family

all the world you see as family

your compassion is pure

your heart overflowing with love

Watabe you are the little moon that encircles our family reflecting to us the light God emits

your energy is of the true divine woman

intuitive and creative you bring me the force of grandmother medicine

although in times past you have been battered by asteroids you continue to shine

you are faithful and loyal to all who you love

fierce in your protection of us all

you move the tides of our family love with regularity and grace

and reach out with hands filled with deva spirits

you are the Earth Mother incarnate

the blessing of grounded female force

Suza sweet Suza

what can be said

you are the doorway to the animal kingdom

you fill our home with creatures great and small

and the love that you bring them can be felt by anyone who nears you

you are the quietest of my beautiful daughters

but when you speak you offer us perspective as yet unspoken

you savor your words and imbue them with truth not wasting them on small talk

I held you in my arms for hours and we would say nothing as no words were needed between us

you understand what each one you love is feeling and thinking and surprise us with

simple gifts and loving thought

you are the tenderness of our family

and a blessing to any who know you and many who do not

how could one woman be blessed with such daughters

there is no containment to the love that exits there between us all

the only blessing greater than bringing you forth into this world and nurturing you to adulthood

is watching your movements in the world every day

although two of you are much younger than the two other you stand side by side

with respect and admiration

sisters in every way

when I see you all together working for one cause

the love you emit brings me to emotions beyond mere words

daughters you are loved beyond earth and beyond sky

the love you bring forth in me and that I feel from you could only be called God
Engtovo ~ August 28, 2001

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