anticipation fills me

I am ready to move on

the next stage in my journey has arrived

I cannot contain my emotions

adventure is touching me and caressing the essence of my spirit

truth in manifestation breaths forth

I wait no longer

I have stepped off the edge of the cliff and hang in midair

suspended no longer by faith

but suspended by divine law

I hold out my hand and clasp the hand of Divine Principle

never to let go

I pause for prayers of gratitude

I thank the Earth Mother for her patience love and guidance

I thank my Spirit Helpers for never leaving my side

I thank the Totems who walk with me on this journey for their lessons and truth

I thank the God within me for strength and fortitude to make it through

the anticipation begins to rush through and leave me in streams of light that pour like rippled water filling to overflowing the river of love that is my true self

I step forward now no longer pausing for any mortal thought or deed

completely immerced in the divine I have crossed the gap of my thought and acheived my goal

no longer does anticipation own me for now i am filled with understanding of what is to be

understanding emanates from me and and blooms as the rose into commpassion for all living things

humanity calls forth with prayers some God will ask me to answer in service to the all

I willingly fulfill that service with joy

remembering what it is to anticipate

Engtovo~ August 28, 2001

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