Himalaya Hillside


Village of childhood joys

I sit above you looking down upon your waters

My heart seeks out every line of Annapurna

as I await my brothers this day

I memorize your very essence as you stand in this moment

You are the essence of this earth in it’s purist form

The flowers are in bloom and illuminate your slopes with colors undescribable

Home of this family of mine

We share this place with all of the creatures and gentle souls of the village below

They have come to accept our ways without fear

We harm none

simply living each day in gratitude of life and loving one another

Dalihan’s voice pierces across the hilltop

calling out to me to return to the cottage

The family has arrived

Seb laughs in the distance as he plays near the cottage

Life is good on our hillside of the Himalaya

and that goodness carries forth to each moment that comes after


Beautiful village of home

Thank you for your gift of heritage

You live within my spirit from one body to another

showing me gifts unseen but real none the less

Dalihan he calls me still

More than 500 years later

I hear his voice pierce the hillside over flathead lake

“Tatiacha it’s time to return to the cottage, the family is waiting to see you”

I’m coming

Engtovo ~ August 27, 2001

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