Makenai I feel you

Your eyes move across the horizon of me with anticipation of the energies to come

Your lips speak my name and from across the world I hear you calling if only a whisper has been spoken

Your love lights a darkened room with brilliance and clarity

Your touch requires no bodies

The hands of your spirit reach out and clasp my whole being in an embrace that is eternal

Your drum beats out the rhythm of our dance throughout time

Your paint brush strokes the canvas and paints the stories of our love

Your thought carries me into realms once forgotten, but now shared in sacred between us

Your dreams come to greet mine and embark upon the silent journey of souls beyond words

I feel you

You feel me

So close do our spirits touch, sometimes I think I have lost track of you

So ever-present you are sometimes I think you are a manifestation only of thought

So connected are we that your breath fills my lungs, and sustains my body when I falter

So beloved are you to me that I cannot define myself without being the one who adores you

So true is our love that doves flock to our energy to absorb us

and distribute the understanding we represent to any who would listen

Makenai my love once more we shall be together in the physical

Our spirits shall soar while our hands hold tight to one another

Thank you divine Father for my greatest blessing in spirit and on earth

My beloved

My innormarata

My Makenai

Engtovo ~ June 29, 2001

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