I Come Forth Now

I come forth now





Here with the father I fly like the raptors in the realm of truth

soaring… spiraling… reveling in the winds that support my wings

Each burst is an ecstasy of pure divine love

It vibrates within my core moving outward

and the same vibrations move back to me from Divine Principal of life

Joy becomes not a word or a feeling

but a tangible energy as real as a planet is touchable

Sand particles sparkle in the sun

as my cells sparkle

in the light of my spirit’s joyous expression of the all from within

God’s gifts make themselves available in every moment now

They have always been there emanating to me

wanting to be touched by me and claimed as my inheritance

I say ” I see and touch thee now”

“I claim my divine rights on earth and in spirit”

I acknowledge the all that brings forth these great works of my inheritance

and thank the Divine Principal of life for leading me from within to my rightful place

Songs heard and unheard come forth from my spirit and I say”I come forth now”




Engtovo ~ June 9, 2001

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