Freedom of Succession



freedom of succession

I ascend to my true place

Gravity seeks an energetic pathway to the all of creation

Heart unfolds into a pattern

of synergistic overlapping petals

woven into the outcome God has always foreseen for me

There in the air

the space

the energy of the now

melding into the future of the next moment

are the expressions long sought

Emanating into absolute clarity of thought and emotion

God calls out from within

The voice is louder and yet gentler

with each passing moment

Gentle force pushes through my consciousness

in complete harmony with body

to form a multi-layered symbiosis of love

Endings are beginnings

Each chapter’s completion opens the door

for the continuation of my story

This completion I celebrate as an embarkation

onto the water of a flow remembered and experienced

but new in this body

No remembrance could douse the excitement

of the moment of manifestation

of my whole spirit’s true life on earth

Goodbyes are hellos

Rite of passage has commenced

and new relationships form now with those who I have known always

and move out in oneness to those who come

Mastery has snuck up to greet me

and God hath taken its hand

and invited it to take residence

Engtovo ~ June 9, 2001

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