A plethora of great expansive understanding

The pinnacle of long years

Delivery of promises has commenced

Peace takes hold as unfoldment reaches forth

Flowers take their place on the springtime of the tree of life

White, Pink, rimmed and shimmering,

they hold forth the great beauty that precedes the fruitfulness arriving

Scents waft through the pathways

Perfect in their impermanence

I breath deeply of this rebirth

Renewal of abundant prosperity and well being

Creations seek their out pouring of expression and find it here and now

Release of seemingly endless cycles give way

Greater cycles are at hand

Beauty surrounds me and it becomes me

Hands outstretched receiving my fulfillment

Thought is centered, aligned with this change

Dreams live as reflections of the journey here

Abundantly they float in and demand full attention

Suddenly clear, pure, the vision is unveiled like a brief summer sun shower

droplets refreshing the memories of Plentitude

Engtovo ~ May 25, 2001

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