I Will Love

I will love

I am loving the face of humanity

I am applauding the love that people live in a world of pain and chaos

No one would blame humanity for closing it’s hearts in fear

and yet hearts continue to love

to give

to be all that the Creator intended them to be

I have hated humanity

The greed

the selfishness and stupidity

and yet even those thought to be most lost are transformed if their heart opens to love

I have used the flaws of humanity as an excuse to keep my own heart closed

shut them out

revel in my awareness of their ignorance

But in refusing to love them

I refuse to love

This only hurts me

I must accept, grieve if I must

their flaws and faults

and love anyway

refusing to stop loving

No offender ever stopped an action by someone refusing to love them

Only by loving people as is without expectation

do they sometimes change their behaviors that harm the whole and themselves

Yes I love

It is a choice

One that is of God and of survival

No heart refusing to love will survive these times

Even though the times themselves would lead one to desire to shut down

to tune out the pain and suffering all around

Only loving can uplift and enlighten

So I will love

Engtovo ~ May 21, 2001

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