A Spiritual Desperado

At one with his horse he strides towards the mountains on a vision quest of sorts

his eye on the eagle awaiting him at the peak

he retains the focus of inner peace that has been all consuming

all illusive to him for his entirety… until now

when like a tiny seed that is sprouting in spring time

his heart is soaring with the inner winds of change that propels him forward

pulsing and surging with impatience to reach the top where she waits

the balancing of his inner essence

the feminine within

that he has sought to bring his completion

his pinnacle of faith awaits him in a place void of time

and he rides on to his destiny

his very spark and breath of life, his meaning

his journey has been long

it has left him parched and seeking tenderness

this thirst has no mercy

none at all, ruthless and driving him to the point of nothingness


undefined desperation so deep and unfathoming to his senses

a numbness overcomes him

and yet he is compelled to continue

for deep within him there is a vision that guides him

a dim vision, a promise

temporarily dimmed by his thirst for a life greater

a force stronger

a life divine

a life that is love

a life promised him by his spirit

his true essence

the embers within him that have brought him this far continue to glow & guide him

pointing him to where she waits

she will be ignored no longer

the force of destiny pulls him to the mountain & up the trail to her side

where illumination becomes him

no longer a desperado he has completed his journey home

Engtovo & Martina Tafolla with our guidesBestali and Ming Chou

May 21, 2001

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