Presidential Folly

Presidential folly

illuminati thwarted with delay

life sacrificed to no avail

evil plan ripped to pieces

angelic host preparing for rebirth

2 years are given to the few…the proud… the deceived

Come home

all aspects of the creator

Come home

rest in the arms of the divine

The illuminati are lacking illumination

hence they must fail

No say We The People

freedom liberty and truth are…

not given by the constitution

not given by the courts

not given by the laws of mortal man

not given by illusionary border

They come only from the divine and

cannot be taken, stolen, sold, traded or expunged

cannot be controlled by governments, organizations, family, friends or enemies

what is God’s will prevail

what is mortal illusion will fall away

leaving only truth

Engtovo ~ November 11, 2000

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