The Kundalini

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Kundalini flow in Eastern Philosophies.  First of all it is seen as a spiraling energy that comes from the root chakra which it affects but is not it’s source.  I think we all probably know the basics of the auric field and 7 basic chakras (although if anyone doesn’t please speak up, there is no level of information required to participate on this list!)  These are the energies that most people are dealing with who are not on an ascension journey.  When a soul comes into a life and they want to have  tremendous spiritual growth, or the potential of ascension, they always plan to open the Kundalini energy flow, which is the first activation of the sacred sphere.

What the Kundalini does, is, it shifts the vibration of your DNA structure. You have a sphere around you that is used in mastery that simply is inactive before the activation of the Kundalini.  On this sphere there are 7 energy centers called the elemental chakras.  One in each of the 4 directions, north is air, west is fire, south is earth, and east is water.   Then you have a body elemental that sits below, a soul elemental that sits within between where the solar plexus and heart chakras are, that connects the soul to the sphere and a divine mind elemental that sits above.  These positions correspond to the 7 totem positions for some of you who may have worked with some of the Native American teachings.  There are also two other totems the primary totems that sit to your right and left.  The original teachings of the medicine wheel are also a way of visualizing the ascension journey and relate the what the Dharljas call the eternal circle

The Kundalini flow is divine energy that enters the body elemental from the higher self and moves up into the root chakra where it activates the DNA creation center that sits slightly higher and on the back side of the body from the root chakra.  This center enacts the shift in vibration programmed in by the higher self while the body was being created in the womb.  In men this is the only time the DNA creation center becomes active, in women the center actives at conception and stays open for about the first 4 weeks of pregnancy for the soul of the baby to attach it’s energies to the body being formed.  Women plan to either have their children before any Kundalini activation, wait until it is complete, or choose to not have children.  The activation of the DNA creation center and shift in vibration during pregnancy beyond the normal 4 weeks would cause loss of the pregnancy.   From there the energy moves upward through all the chakras shifting the vibrational frequency of the DNA as it goes.  When it reaches the soul elemental more energy is added and it continues to move upward until it has moved through the head and leaves through the divine mind elemental chakra above and exits back to the higher self.  This flow then continues forever.  It is a spiral energy and entwines itself around the natural pre Kundalini flow (normal energy flow) that enters the crown chakra on top of the head and goes downward though the chakras exiting the root.

The whole process can take from 6 months to 10 years.  It can begin as early as 6 to 12 months of age.  Many of the very enlightened children that are coming to the planet now have opened their Kundalini fully by the age of  2 or 3.

It is always something we plan for our life and there are a few reasons why.  First higher self must decide how big of a vibrational jump will be made with the Kundalini opening.  The process can be very difficult if a jump that is too large is made.  Many people have died in the process of opening their Kundalini when the higher self either planned to large of a jump, or the person didn’t do the preparation before hand.  What I mean by this is lets say your plan was to start to explore spiritual teachings at the age of 25 and then have your Kundalini begin to open at the age of 35.  If you never started to explore spirituality at 25 that’s 10 years worth of growth and raising your vibration that never occurred.  So when the Kundalini begins to open at 35 you are unprepared for the shift in vibration.  The Kundalini always begins at a prearranged time.  This is one of the misconceptions in the Eastern Philosophy, the belief that you can do anything that will activate the Kundalini flow.  It has been a major frustration of the Yoga community that some without any effort seem to open it while another can spend a whole life of practice and discipline to no avail.

A large vibrational jump can cause intense stress on the body.  Many people recognize the “symptoms” when we talk about it, and realize that their Kundalini has opened, or know exactly where it is in the process. As they have some of the symptoms at each stage, that disappear as mysteriously as they began when the Kundalini moves up to the next stage. 

Stages of the Kundalini and typical issues that may arise:

Root chakra:  colon problems, urinary tract infections, constipation, bad cases can result in colon or prostate cancer.

Navel chakra: Conception problems in woman ovarian cancer, irregular menstrual bleeding, uterine cysts, candida albicans over growth in the intestines, appendicitis, kidney problems, intense discomfort in the minor chakras of the spiritual body that are just below the hip bone in the front on each  side.

Solar Plexus chakra:  gall stones, pancreatic problems, shortness of breath, stomach issues heartburn, ulcers

Heart chakra: palpitations, heart attack (pseudo heart attack in the case of my mother, she had a full blown attack off to the hospital in the ambulance the whole deal.  The paramedics thought she was not doing good when she got to the hospital she had abnormal heart rhythms, typical of cardiac arrest, but upon doing the blood test they could find no evidence that she actually had a heart attack.)  tightness in chest is common.  A feeling of intense pressure on the chest, lung congestion, during both the heart and the throat time period.  A discomfort in the upper minor spiritual chakras that are on the upper chest (slightly up and 1 to 2 inches from the armpit) the discomfort may be felt on the front or in back behind the shoulder blade

Throat chakra: Sore throat, difficulty expressing thoughts, a singer may experience a shift in their voice or an inability to sing for a period.  Thyroid problems, an intense tightness up the spine at the back of the neck, high blood pressure often accompanies this period through the end and may start at the period of the heart chakra.

Mind chakra (third eye)  headaches, vision distortion, a need for glasses, trouble concentrating, pressure in the head the feeling of a band around the forehead, extreme cases aneurysm or stoke

Crown chakra: this is the breakthrough point sometimes people think they are going crazy.  There are often rushes of energy, dizziness, people become ungrounded for a time have trouble staying in their body.

Those are the difficulties however some people have no difficulties and during the process many spiritual gifts begin to open up even for those who do have difficulties.  At the throat for example it is not unusual to develop a new form of  communication with guides, to start writing music or poetry, heart is a common place for people to begin doing spiritual healing work, the root can open up a dialog with the animals or even bring a knowing of how to use certain herbs and knowledge of this nature.  The navel can open new creative gifts, people with no drawing experience for example have started drawing pictures of spirits at this stage or started to make drums and rattles for sacred ceremony that have a very different energy to them, things of this nature.

© 2000 Engtovo Bhodsvatan

3 thoughts on “The Kundalini

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  2. No you don’t you, know you dont know you, just think you do and its just imagination. You can’t know what is, only what isnt. It is a mystery to that that thinks its you. Its energy ,energy you are energy all is energy. That which “thinks it is ,has, does,higher lower,makes plans, is energy just temporal. This that thinks it has knowledge of that which is intangible is thought, that which truly “is” is beyond thought and therefore beyond discription. That which wants to imagine it has an individual soul will imagine it has an individual soul and even a higher soul that makes choices. Its all true to the mind but the mind is just playing a game of make believe in itelf. Believing gives a mind substance what a mind beleives will affect the happness of the mind. What is knows nothing else but happiness but there is no one to know it. You are not an ego but there is an transitory imagined personality that has created some beliefs. Its just part of madness one mind imagines racial supremacy another one spiritual supremacy none is real. It is very white American picture flavoured with fundamentalism,its harmless non toxic it will not provoke ire. Good for it I say why not believe in something so lovely for ego. Lots of higher nigels and sussie,s hanging out in the mall If you want to know true happiness know that the eye can never see itself, or maybe thi is just another belief a sanctomonois know all that knows nothing. You believe in something and you have deluded yourself I believe in Nothing and I have deluded myself. There is comfort in your beleving I am comforted by my not believing in your believing. My siddus have arrived by mail from Mr Kandaha in Pereshwar.Two small popadoms and a small bottle of rosewater after taking the popadoms and bathing in rosewater I was offered a tour of the cematery of the living by a being who introduced herself as the higher bitch. Wow she blew my mind and several other bits. Cary on with the good work hope you get a missionary position to spread the word.

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