Economic Slavery

A Slave I am

A Slave you are


You ask astonished

“I live in the land of freedom”

Freedom hmmmmm

What are you free to do?

May you eat without money

little green pieces of paper?

May you have shelter,

have medicine or healing,

have clothing?

What is life about I must ask

when the measure of a person is their bank account

when one works as hard or harder than another and lives in poverty

while the other lives in luxury

What makes one more worthy than another?

Do some not make all their money of what is said to belong to the whole

like forests

like minerals

like airwaves

If truly it belongs to the whole then why does the whole not benefit

while some rape the planet for free making billions?

How can this be freedom?

The mother who works all her life and yet can never retire

twas not laziness that put her in poverty

nor irresponsibility


lack of education

lack of motivation


Slavery it is indeed

The worst kind of slavery

Covertly presented as freedom

Are there not still kingdoms and peasants…surfs?

Does the lack of shackles

and the ability to speak freely

change the fact that we are slaves

to little green pieces of paper

and plastic cards

and notes of paper

and taxes

to support a government

that gives away the resources of the earth to a few to get rich

while claiming they belong to us!

Engtovo ~ September 15, 2000

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