Pettiness scarcity and fear

they are all around me

they move in chaotic lines

darting back and forth

I dodge them as they get directed at me

by many who do no understand

God’s heart lives within me

within all men, women, children and animals

we are no different in pure God creation than the animals

only God’s intent made us different

created us to care take the others

instead we give in to…

Pettiness scarcity and fear

we take out our ignorance on our animal family

who have not the means to respond fully

then when one of us succumb to one of them

we scream in anguish and resolve to lessen them further

Yet it is nothing compared to what we have done and continue to do to them

Man on earth thinks there must always be an opposition

something or one to dominate

from the animal to the earth herself

and they sky above us

Dominion is what God told us


This is domination taking all for ourselves

We are to care take this place and all it’s beings

it is our job

our responsibility

and our right

There are none other than those created by divine stuff

Man in domination used the power of Dominion to change the genetic code

of animal

and plants

He put things on this planet out of balance

not just once

but now thrice

God has forgiven our ignorance

and given us truth to hold our Dominion in fullness

It is offered here now

do take it

it is freely given with love

Domination brings pain

Dominion pure joy

the choice cannot be made in the heads of state

any more than it can be made in the heads of individual people

it must be made in the heart and move out from there

Contemplate and give the heart space to envelope the mind with wisdom

for God’s heart is in all beings

when found Dominion is born

Engtovo ~ September 15, 2000

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