Second Crop Circle in the Flathead

  Grand Hallway of the Infinite Self

Crop Circle Flathead Valley August 2000


Aerial photograph © 2000 by Gilbert Johnson

First of all try to picture this design with one center circle (at he top) but with the rest of the design happening 4 times one in each direction.  Then picture a larger circle surrounding the whole design, this is called the Circle of Life.  There is a reason why there is only one of the four directions represented one is that this direction has significance, the other is that when you truly begin the ascension path you enter from one direction and remain focused on that hallway.  The rest lose all significance until reaching the center.

This particular crop circle represents the Grand Hallway of the Infinite self. On the beginning  the U shape represents the the fears and limitations we feel about leaving the Circle of Life, this is the beginning of the design, in the West This is our daily life and our karmic circumstances. As you walk down the main hallway you encounter the circling doors of possibility and the serpentining paths that you can take without really leaving the greater path that the hallway represents. These alternatives are perfectly balanced, mirroring each other. When you reach the end of the hallway you come to 2 more U shapes that represent the blocks we have to reaching the circle at the core of our being, the Seat of the Soul. The first represents the mental blocks and the second the emotional blocks. These walls have to be traversed to enter the circle and truly set into action the ascension path. There are four pathways that can be taken one in each direction so if you were to put all of the other three into the design you would see the U shapes become circles with the outermost circle being where most people are at going round and round and round, oblivious that the hallways exist and are available to them at any time. In this case, your choice of Washington for a vision quest is very appropriate, because you would be returning to the valley from the west. There are many people who have already taken this step and a few others will also be coming from the west. But a greater reason for the west being the hallway that was chosen is that the ascension teaching being given to the world this time around will be given from a western society perspective initiated by western society people. The Master Incarnate Derrick from Ireland and the Master Incarnate Pamela from Austrailia with help from many of us here in the US.

Here are a few photos we took while inside the configuration.

1. shows detail of how one part is laid down before another.  I found the pattern of how this design was created very interesting.  This is where one of the big circles meet the main hallway.

2. My nephew Eric walking around one side of the big circle.

3. My nephew Eric sitting in the small complete circle that is the energy center of this design.

4.  One of the arcs.

crop1  crop3 crop4 crop2

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