Crop Circle in the Flathead

Who Makes the Crop Circles: The real ones are made by the Pentalites, (The Grand Hallway design was specifically done by a Pentalite named Dramata who heads a large ship that spent a lot of time over Mt. Rainier in years past, but is here now over the Mission Mountains near St. Ignacious.) Pentalites are the small people big eyes not to be confused with the Greys who are a genetically altered race of beings with negative intent. The Pentalites are the protectors of the earth and are in light bodies many hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than earth. They cannot interfere but of course they can give us messages in numerous forms.  The ones that are not real are made by Earth people with saucer technology.

What are they: All of the crop circles are universal symbols, a few are combinations of more than one. They are the same symbols that spirit uses to communicate with people and each other through thought transference and what is used in telepathy. They can be used to send healing as well either directly working on someone while holding a pattern in mind or in remote healing sending a certain energy that is appropriate depending on the type of healing desired by the person.  A crop Circle is being enacted from above but created technically from below.  It should always be clockwise!  Counterclockwise designs are not created by the ETs they are created by the humans.  Example is the first design this year (2000) in the Flathead it was counterclockwise

Aerial photograph © 2000 by Gilbert Johnson

I mirrored this picture to show how it should have looked if done by an ET.  The design should have looked like this.


This is a sacred trinity symbol and it is not unusual for the human created designs to go opposite to the sacred.  We as humans invert sacred symbols when the intent is harmful.  The best example is the swastika, it is the backwards representation of the Hopi Indian’s sacred four directions symbol.  Another good and obvious example is Satanism using the inverted pentagram.  The pentagram in spirit is considered a very sacred symbol, on earth it invokes only fear in the mass population and so many of us distance ourselves from it, as well as the Hopi four directions symbol.  This sacred four directions design in it’s correct version is what was found in the pokemon cards and parents insisted it be removed.  It is wise to not enter a crop circle that is counter clockwise unless you are well versed in every kind of psychic protection, as it was not created with intentions of a positive nature.

Why are they showing up in the Flathead Valley of Montana? They are showing up here because of the energies that we have created here. A few thousand years back our Soul Mate group created Stonehenge and the other circles of the European areas that created a vortex grid system there that lends appropriate energy to the ETs to make the designs. In 1997 we set out to create a new vortex grid system here that layered and joined the smaller system that was already in place here in the valley. This system is throughout the rockies from New Mexico into Canada but this valley is the focal point of the system. The Himalayan energies began to transfer themselves here in late 97 and completed the first primary cycle at the summer Solstice of 99. Since then more energy centers have been created through the spontaneous interaction of these systems and strengthened the energies even further. The ETs are acknowledging the energy here and that this is is to be the new spiritual center for the world. The previous systems in the England area, in Egypt etc. etc., that we have set up in lives past are slowly being dismantled in preparation for the earth changes and new ones will be enacted in Lemuria and Atlantis. The grid structure of the Hawaiian islands is already being strengthened, as it has been here, and in areas of Australia and New Zealand. We can expect to see more circles here as time goes on. They have a limited pallet here as there is not quite the abundance of fields with appropriate crops but we will see more, and the designs will always have something to share and teach us.

How are they made: A sound vibration of the symbol that is not audible to humans but some dogs hear is sent down to the earth from a ship. The sound vibration enacts a gravitational pull from deep in the earth and her consciousness participates in pulling the crops down to her.  For her it is a natural response to the sound vibration.

3 thoughts on “Crop Circle in the Flathead

  1. It’s just amazing how Dan and Eric are the same person agreeing with himself to order to try and get himself some validation, how sad. If you had an opinion based on your personal truth you would not need fake validation.

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