Spiritual Path in a Modern World

What does it mean to be on a spiritual path.  There are many people reading books and going to gatherings that are simply experiencing a hobby of sorts.  Being on a spiritual path requires absolute dedication.  Certainly no one is required to be on a true spiritual path, interest in God as a life hobby, is perfectly fine.  The issues that come into being, however, is that those who are hobbyists sometimes interfere with the true path of those who are not.  Mental knowing is not an expression of knowing, it is simply information gathered from sources outside of self.  This can be the beginning of a spiritual path, but does not a spiritual path make.  True knowing comes from Soul and is supported by experience of truth from within.  There are those on the planet who have acquired large amounts of spiritual information and share this information in a manner that allows others to think it is based in true knowing and not mental gathering.  At times, even using this knowledge as a tactic to further agendas and manipulation, painting themselves as a deeply spiritual being who would harm no one.  Let me just say that this is the first clue to an untruth.  The sweetest of light and love spiritual people are sharing the biggest of lies.  Spiritual people are people working on their inner darkness and are far from perfect in their expression.  One week they may be filled with and expressing bliss and another filled with anger and disgust.  That is normal processing.  You cannot be a perfect mortal!  Perfection comes from the Divine coming forth in expression and moving the mortal out of the way.  Perhaps a person may think of a peaceful being like the Dalai Lama and want to emulate his favorable characteristics.  It is important to remember that this man was trained from the time he was a toddler, and his whole life has been dedicated to spirituality and truth.  His teachers were beings who had also dedicated their whole life to the path.  They all spent years in uninterrupted meditation & spiritual teachings.  Most did not attend formal public schools that taught them to interact on a societal level, instead of a spiritual level.  You cannot compare yourself to these people.  Emulation is a no thing if the emulation does not stem from a place of truth within, but is force fed because it is how you think you should act.  Actions without truth behind them are simply lies in motion.  If you want the favorable characteristics of His Holiness you will have to work diligently in absolute dedication, these characteristics cannot be faked, they are a natural outer expression of work done internal.This phenomenon in our current western society can best be described as the new age face.  Keeping up this mirage takes an incredible amount of energy.  Being seen as the perfect person you wish to present requires much time, continuing manipulations, and lies to self and others.  Release the burden!  Could you possibly in your natural state be any more screwed up than the rest of us?  The desire to put forth such a strong illusion for self is a reflection of the level of self hatred that you carry.  Self-hatred so deep that you must hide self, lest everyone hate you as much as you hate yourself.

Forgiveness, truth and love must begin with self, from that point they will emanate outward and take a greater expression in your life and actions naturally.  Following all your issues through to the core in honesty is what will bring you to the truth of those who have perfected themselves on the Earth.

© 2000 Engtovo Bhodsvatan

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