Ascension Affirmations

Audio Affirmations each are 1/2 hour and have the same affirmations but different music

Celtic Circle

Buddha’s Garden

Ascension Affirmations © copyright 1997 & 2000 Engtovo Bhodsvatan a.k.a. Diane M. Wood

Reading out loud will make all the affirmations more powerful.  They can also be read onto a tape with your own voice to listen when in the car etc.  There are a few blank places in two sections to add on affirmations that are personal in nature.

Prepare to receive the affirmations with these statements. 

There is but one truth of Divine Principal… God Is

Everything is God, therefore there is nothing that can not be God

The physical density is illusion.  Made by God, for God with God particles…light.  There is nothing within it that is fixed.

All stuff made of God particles can be transformed into anything else.

God particles are everywhere and thus something can be made out of what appears in the illusion to be nothing.  This is transforming God particles.

There is never any separation of parts of God, only parts that feel separated.

God’s only desire is to express and experience love.

There is no such thing as need!  Everything is God, how could God possibly have any need?

Need develops only in those parts of God who feel separated.

Anything I require for physical life is provided before it could be considered a need.

Anything I desire, I may have, as long as that desire harms no other part of God.

God is harmony, disharmony comes from parts of God feeling separated.

The physical body is illusion.  My soul / spirit can change this illusion at will, instantaneously.

The spiritual body that the physical is based on may be changed by the Christ in me at will.

The physical body and mind when brought to the vibration of the Christ God must perfect itself.

The physical body can have no pain, disease or aging when the soul and mind come to the full realization that the physical world is illusion.

When I desire what is best for the whole, the whole desires the same for me.

I do not have to perfect myself for the Christ within to stand forth, the Christ standing forth is what brings the perfection.

If I AM truly doing the highest good for self it must be the highest good for all, as the all is intrinsically part of the self.

I AM a generator for love.  I must receive the love of the universe to fuel and lubricate my internal generator, so that I may send out love back to the universe or direct it to any given part thereof.

I AM rejuvenated, and fully regenerated, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with two hours of meditation a day.  Sleep is no longer necessary for me as I AM in full expression of the divine.

*  Affirmations with a star should not be used until the Kundalini has been enacted and brought to completion.  Even with the Kundalini open there will be some of these affirmations that will not come into play for some time as there are stages of development that you will pass through.  They will not hurt you in any way however, and when the proper stage comes they will have paved the pathway within the mind for an easy opening.

I thank you father for all that I AM

I Awaken


I AM God

The air I breathe is God

Everything I eat is God

Everything I drink is God

The water is God

The animals are God

The birds are God

The creatures of the sea are God

The trees and forests are God

The plants are God

The people I meet are God

The earth is God

The mountains and valleys are God

The sun is God

The moon is God

The planets and stars are God

The universe is God

I AM God


  • I AM Creator, I create these things.
  • I AM filled with divine cells, every cell in my body is divine.
  • I AM rejuvenated, every cell in my body is rejuvenated with God’s love.
  • I AM expressing love in every thought and deed.
  • I AM opening my heart to be the perfect expression of God in every moment.
  • I AM giving to God everything I manifested into this world imperfectly.
  • I AM receiving God’s love.
  • I AM fueled and energized with the force of universal love.
  • I AM bringing from God the perfect body to express God perfectly.
  • I AM eternal.
  • I AM ever young, youthful and healthy as a perfect reflection of God.
  • I AM a living expression of God’s divinity.
  • I AM a limitless creator in Gods image.
  • I AM a limitless expression of God’s love.
  • I AM transforming my body and mind into the perfect expression of God.
  • I AM the blueprint of perfection God holds for me.
  • I AM bringing the perfection of my spiritual body into the physical.
  • I AM in God’s love, no harm can come to me.
  • I AM manifesting direct from the universal all of my physical needs.
  • I AM understanding that the darkness in the universe is God forgetting it’s expression.
  • I AM living in God’s divinity, there is no lack, the universal has abundance for all, and this abundance is ever present.
  • I AM raising my vibration to radiate love and harmony to all beings.
  • I AM fulfilling all my perceived needs and true desires through my expression of God’s divinity.
  • I AM refused nothing as divine daughter/son, as long as what I desire hurts no one.
  • I AM radiating with the love of God in every cell in my body.
  • I AM bringing forth love and harmony into my life, expressing the love of God.
  • I AM always harmonious and joyful.
  • I AM seeing the good in all things.
  • I AM experiencing perfect health, is my birthright.
  • I AM expressing with love to all beings of the earth, and they feel safe with me.
  • I AM expressing God, and all information in the universal is available to me.
  • I AM not limited by the physical.
  • I AM shinning the Christ light through my heart into the world touching all that are near me.
  • I AM a beautiful radiating being of light
  • I AM reflecting the beauty of the Christ light within, through my body and mind.
  • I AM handling problems around me with harmony and ease.
  • I AM unaffected by negativity around me.
  • I AM at peace within myself.
  • I AM breathing the life force and it regenerates my body and mind.
  • I AM relaxed and peaceful with life.
  • I AM living a peaceful oneness with God’s love.
  • I AM expressing freely who I AM without fear.
  • I AM expressing unconditional love to all other beings
  • I AM attracting joy and happiness into my life and environment
  • I AM overflowing with healing energy in my body, in my mind, and the space around me.
  • I AM moving with harmonious ease in my life, despite the problems of the world.
  • I AM opening my heart to the higher laws of spirit.
  • I AM joyfully accepting my femininity/masculinity as a daughter/son of divine inheritance.
  • I AM accepting my own divinity, I bring forth the knowledge and wisdom of my past learning.
  • I AM generous and giving with the love of God.
  • I AM helping others in need knowing I AM in the hands of God’s love.
  • I AM walking gently upon the earth, knowing I AM but a guest of her great divinity.
  • I AM acting kindly to the creatures of the planet and respect their divinity.
  • I AM teaching others on the earth, through example of how I live with God in my heart, in my thoughts, words and in my deeds.
  • I AM respecting the thoughts and ideas of others, and their desire for a different experience than my own.
  • I AM allowing that there are many ways to God, and they are all correct for each that chooses.
  • I AM expressing God’s love through this expression, forgiveness comes easily to me.
  • I AM giving my anger and frustrations to God, and am returned inner peace and joy
  • I AM an incarnation of love.
  • I AM a vehicle of service for the father.
  • I AM a divine expression of the Christ Spirit in all things.
  • I AM pure and devoted to the highest expression of Divine Principle.
  • I AM here to bring healing and ease to the earth and her inhabitants.
  • I AM a divine daughter/son of God here to reflect this divinity to all, that they may see the same in self.
  • I AM complete.
    I AM complete with the pain my body has held over the years, physical, emotional and mental.
  • I AM pain free.
  • I AM flexible in body and in thought.
  • I AM strong, my muscles are powerful.
  • I AM beautiful, my body is a reflection of love and perfect balance.
  • I AM radiant and glowing throughout my physical body and shinning through my skin.
  • I AM enveloped in positive and loving thoughts.
  • I AM alive.
  • I AM choosing to live
  • I AM choosing to live directly and divinely in every moment.
  • I AM loving all life.
  • I AM receiving directly all that will nourish me in body, mind and soul/spirit.
  • I AM defined only by the reflection of pure love of the creator.
  • I AM in full abundance and have any money or material items that I desire to live my life in fullness.
  • I AM pure of heart.
  • I AM worthy.
  • I AM energetically balanced and all my chakras are spinning freely allowing me to be centered and grounded.
  • I AM free of energetic blocks in my physical, mental and emotional bodies.
  • I AM in the presence of the divine in every moment.
  • I AM intrinsically related to all life.
  • I AM having a joyous journey of experience.
  • I AM able to be vulnerable and open with people without fear of harm.
  • I AM able to direct myself with discipline to any undertaking I desire to accomplish.
  • I AM remembering all of who I am.
  • I AM able to recall my past lives, and pre-birth experiences.
  • I AM conversing freely with my life guide and higher self.
  • I AM asking my life guide and higher self to assist me in my discernment process.
  • I AM open hearted.
  • I AM giving my life guide permission to protect me and lead me to the highest and fullest expression of my true divine nature.
  • I AM listening to and trusting all my inner promptings.
  • I AM able to tell the difference between inner prompting and mental choices.
  • I AM detached from negative perspectives.
  • I AM seeing any that come before me in their full perfection, in so doing any who are out of balance will be healed.
  • I AM manifesting directly any good desire.
  • I AM flowing freely music, art and poetry.
  • I AM God woman/man.
  • I AM beautifully filled with eternal youth in function and expression.
  • I AM vibrant in my perfection.
  • I AM energetic and alive, there is no end to my energy.
  • I AM love in every thought, word, and deed.
  • I AM omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.
  • I AM knowing directly from Divine Principle of life in every moment.
  • I AM feeling with my gift of Clairsentience directly from Divine Principle of life in every moment.
  • I AM hearing with my gift of Clairaudience directly from Divine Principle of life in every moment.
  • I AM seeing with my gift of Clairvoyance directly from Divine Principle of life in every moment.
  • I AM telepathic, I receive messages from those who are able to send them to me, and send messages to those who are able to receive from me, including the animals of the planet.
  • I AM trusting of my connection to all life.
  • I AM Peace
  • I AM using my freewill for my highest good.
  • I AM complete with my lessons.
  • I AM honest and straightforward in my relations with all life.
  • I AM actively expressing from my place of absolute knowing.
  • I AM attuned to the natural cycles of the earth.
  • I AM able to converse with all the beings of the earth, animals, plants, trees and nature spirits.
  • I AM divinely clothed.
  • I AM divinely fed.
  • I AM divinely sheltered.
  • I AM always cared for.
  • I AM free of karma.
  • I AM enlightened.
  • I AM worthy of my divine inheritance.
  • I AM unlimited
  • I AM a perfect expression of God as woman/man
  • I AM comfortable in my sexuality.
  • I AM passionate and sensual.
  • I AM desirable.
  • I AM not controlled by my sexual desires, but accept my sexuality as a loving expression of all that is, with respect and mutual enjoyment.
  • I AM satisfied and satisfying in my sexual expression
  • I AM living my sexuality as a sacred expression of creation.
  • I AM loved and loving.
  • I AM valued
  • I AM a conduit for the father to show love on the earth.
  • I AM a poet, a writer, a singer, a musician, a painter, a potter, a jewelry maker, a wood carver, a sculptor, a drum maker, a rattle or instrument maker, a healer, a lover, a dancer, a teacher, a gridworker, an actor/actress, a creator, a artist, etc. (Anything you consider yourself to be or ever wanted to be. With emphasis on the creative elements of life. Following up with more detailed I AM affirmations about a particular thing will strengthen the initial affirmation.)
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • I AM
  • * I AM immortal
  • * I AM seen, heard, felt and known in my true divine expression.
  • * I AM free of dependency on anything other than the divine Christ enacting the I AM within me that always responds. All good desire is done immediately
  • * I AM ascended.
  • *I AM consciously breathing in the True Chi to my Linolic Flow giving constant life force to every atom in my body.
  • *I AM able to direct this True Chi life force to heal and regenerate any life that desires to be brought to balance.
  • * I AM always clean, as no particle of God stuff would place itself upon me where it is not desired.
  • * I AM able to use all the divine laws given with my inheritance as a divine daughter/son.
  • * I AM able to bi-locate at will when true desire within my soul has reason to do so.
  • * I AM able to walk upon the water, or any grid in the physical world.
  • * I AM able to defy gravity at will.
  • * I AM able to travel divinely and directly by simply holding my destination in divine thought.
  • * I AM manifesting my food directly, simply by asking the I AM in me to bring it forth.
  • * I AM the provider for self, through the I AM of the Christ in me, my food, light, shelter and every good thing comes forth, as a right given unto the Christ by the father.
  • * I AM standing forth in my full divine nature.
  • * I AM directing divine thought to the perfect expression of all human kind.
  • * I AM living in my body, in divinity, on the earth, in perfect health and youth, for as long as I choose to remain.
  • * I AM using my birthright of God’s love to tap into the force of perpetual motion, and all the divine laws God has available for all his children.
  • * I AM using my rights as a divine daughter/son, these powers and more are part of my divine inheritance.
  • I AM choosing to see these things about myself and accept them in this moment.
  • I AM free
  • I AM free to travel anywhere I desire.
  • I AM free of resistance.
  • I AM free of thoughts of self-hatred.
  • I AM free of the opinions of others
  • I AM free from stress.
  • I AM free of all negativity
  • I AM free from fear
  • I AM free from disease
  • I AM free from duality
  • I AM free of the fear of my divinity
  • I AM free of the folly of not being worthy
  • I AM free of the fear of my power
  • I AM free of the fear of repeating past mistakes
  • I AM free of the fear of lack
  • I AM free of the folly of drama
  • I AM free of the fear from harm
  • I AM free of the need to be needed
  • I AM free of life’s pressures, and experience inner calm
  • I AM free of anxiety and fear-based limitations
  • I AM free of self-importance, and accept my divinity
  • I AM free from guilt
  • I AM free of limitations placed on me, by others and myself
  • I AM free of expectation placed on me by others and myself.
  • I AM free of judgements placed on me by others and myself.
  • I AM free from my need to control and the control of others
  • I AM free of negative karma, I have chosen wisdom
  • I AM free from manipulation.
  • I AM free of victimization
  • I AM free of the circle of hope and hopelessness.
  • I AM free of old habits and thought forms.
  • I AM free of toxins, allergies and food sensitivities. ( This would be a good one to expand upon with further I AM affirmations for any specific issues you have)
  • I AM free from the effects of societies fear based intolerance. ( racism, sexism, etc.)
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM Free
  • I AM complete
  • I AM

I AM unable to express anything less than that which I AM as divine fact, the true self.  Anything less than my divine Christ perfection must fall away NOW.  It is divine law and I AM enacting it NOW.  So it is enacted, thank you father for all that I AM.  Thank you for showing me the way home.

So it is

So it was

So it will be

So be it

It is so

Add in some great suggestions from the Baird T. Spalding books  (Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East)Suggested use: before sleep

I now realize that there is within me a spiritual joy body, ever young, ever beautiful, spiritual mind, eyes, nose, mouth, skin.  The body of the divine infant, which now tonight is perfect.

Suggested use: morning

Well dear YOUR NAME, there is a divine alchemist within, by the spiritual power of these affirmations, during the night a transmutation takes place and the unfolding from within, the spirit, has saturated this spiritual body and spiritual temple.  The inner alchemist has caused dead worn out cells to fall and the gold of new skin to appear with perpetual health and loveliness.  Truly divine love in demonstration is eternal youth.  The divine alchemist is within my temple constantly coining new and beautiful baby cells.  The spirit of youth is within my temple, this human form divine and all is well.  Peace, peace, peace.

Suggested use: daily

I think a kind thought for all the world.  May all the world be happy and blessed.

Within me there is a perfect form, the form divine, I AM now all that I desire to be.  I visualize daily my beautiful being until I breathe it into expression!  I AM a divine child, all my needs are being now and forever supplied.

Infinite love fills my mind and thrills my body with it’s perfect life.

(put into the first person where appropriate to form an affirmation)

During my darkest hour I know that God is.

All things that are not in perfect accord with actual cosmic fact must erase themselves when the absolute law of truth holds sway into the human consciousness.

I rest quietly knowing that all is well and my perfection is complete and finished now.

I recognize God, my father and I know fully that I AM the Christ of God, the image and likeness of God, my father.  The father and I are one.

The actual center or focal point of heaven is right within my body.  Therefore this heavenly light must come forth from me. The I AM of me must allow this light essence to come in; then I must generate and transform this light energy so that it can be sent out with any density that God, the I AM desires.

It is not I who do the work, it is the I AM in the father and the father in me brings forth the great accomplishment.  As I know that I work one with the father there are no limitations, no boundaries,  I know that it is my divine right to accomplish all things.

I myself must present the accomplishment by putting forth the driving force of all good, God the father the power to accomplish, behind every thought and act.  Now I AM God fulfilling or filling full the accomplishment.  This is God the true and only God standing forth from me.

The moment I say whole heatedly with reverence and deep meaning that God is in his holy temple and know that this temple is my pure body, just as I present it and as I truly stand today, that I the true Christ, live one with God right within this temple, and that my exalted body is a holy abiding place, a whole and all inclusive abode, I AM an energizer, an all including and outpouring vessel for this true and divine principal to flow through.  Then I pour out more and more of the God which I AM and which I love.

As I stand forth in my Christ Dominion and give out this principal, I by my very thought, word and act give this principal greater activity.  Thus one more has found his dominion and is using God power and sending it out.  As I give out this power, it flows to me.  As I give, more is pressed upon me to give, and I will find I can not deplete the supply.

God principal is the one point.  I AM one with universal life energy.  It is flowing through me now.  I know it, I feel it.  I thank God my father that I have the ability to do all things.

God my father, the Divine Principal flowing through me, is all, and all that god is, I AM.  I AM the Christ of God, God-Man.  All that God my father is, is for God-man to use; thus I AM is entitled to use all substance.  In fact God my father is pressing out all substance to God-man in unlimited measure.  God principal is my father; I AM the Christ of God;  I AM in whole and complete union.  All that God has, the Christ of God is.

I let my body become a generator through which the great creative radiating principal flows.  I see this principal as the emanation of all power, know that it is the principal of all power; then, like an electric generator, my body collects and magnifies this energy until I send it out as a stream of pure white light that nothing can resist. and anything directed toward me can not harm me.

To make God alive and vital to me, I must think and know that I AM God.  This is more living and vital to me than anything.  Than I the Christ, my redeemer, becomes alive and one with me.  I AM that very thing.  This becomes the motivating force for my whole life. I AM redeeming myself, the true me, I AM one with God, truly God.  By reverencing, loving, and worshiping this it becomes ideal to me.  God right within and active.

Back of will stands desire, will in it’s true estate is a pure colorless force and is moved into action by desire.  If there is no color or direction given to will, it is inactive.  Place the desire in harmony with the will force and it will spring into action immediately and call legions to carry out it’s commands, the only requirement being that the commands are in divine order.

The divine principal stands forth as a golden light.  It is not remote, it is right within me.  I hold myself within its glow and I behold all things clearly.

I awaken to my rightful heritage, I awaken to the beauty and purity of the age old message that my body is eternally beautiful, pure and perfect.  It is always a beautiful, pure, spiritual body, most magnificent and divine.  A true temple of God.

Pure rays of white light appear within my body; it becomes aglow with this light; and this soft yet brilliant, living light invades the clear atmosphere around me like a white gold vapor. This light increases steadily until it covers and permeates everything about me.  Bathed in its radiance there appears a pure crystal white light, dazzling and scintillating with a radiance greater than that of the purest diamond, yet it is emanating from my body, and it stands forth ablaze with pure light, radiant and beautiful.  Here I stand on the holy mount of transfiguration, with a body luminous and glowing, radiant and beautiful, immersed wholly in divine life.

I stand steadfastly with my eyes fixed on you O father; knowing naught but you father; and I see naught but God in all things.  I stand firmly on the holy mount, knowing naught but your love, life and wisdom.  Your divine spirit pervades me always.  It surrounds me always.  I know father, that this is not for me alone, but it is for all thy children.  I know father that I have naught but that which they have and there is naught but God for all.  I thank thee father.

I must know that I AM entitled to every good and perfect gift of God, and I must prepare to receive those gifts through the knowledge of God as my divine nature.  If I separate myself from God in thought, I will also separate myself from God in manifestation.  In order to enter fully into the joy of life, I must seek life and joy, for the fullness and joy that life gives to all humanity.

With all my Heart

In the heart of my being father I AM one with you and I recognize you as being the father of all.  You are spirit omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. You are wisdom, love, truth; the power and substance and intelligence of which and through which all things are created.  You are the life of my spirit, the substance of my soul, the intelligence of my thought.  I AM expressing you in my body and in my affairs. You are the beginning and the end, the very all of the good which I can express.  The desire of my thought, which is implanted in my soul, is quickened by your life in my spirit; and in the fullness of time, through the law of faith, it is brought into visibility in my experience.  I know that the good I desire already exists in spirit in invisible form but awaits the fulfillment of the law to be made visible and I know that already I have

With all my Spirit

The words which I now speak outline to you my father, that which I desire.  As a seed is planted in the soil of my soul and moved upon by your quickening life in my spirit.  It must come forth. I allow only your spirit, wisdom, love and truth to move in my soul.  I desire only that which is good for all and I now ask you father to bring it forth.  Father within me I ask to express love, wisdom, strength and eternal youth.  I ask to realize harmony, happiness and abundant prosperity; that I may have the understanding direct from you, of the method of bringing forth from the universal substance that which will satisfy every good desire.  This is not for self father, but that I may have the understanding so that I may be of service to all your children.

With all my mind

That which I desire is already in visible form.  I form in my mind only that which I desire.  As a seed begins its growth underground in the quiet and in the dark, so does my desire now take form in the silent, invisible realm of my soul.  I enter my closet and shut the door.  Quietly and confidently I now hold my desire in mind as already fulfilled.  Father, I now await the perfect out picturing of my desire.  Father, father within me I thank you that now in the invisible the fulfillment of my desire is always established and I know that you have poured out lovingly and lavishly to all an abundance of your treasure; that you have filled every good desire of my life; that I may partake of your opulent supply; that I may realize my oneness with you; that all your children may realize the same; and that whatever I have, I may pour out to help all your children.  All that I have I give to you father.

With all my Strength

No act or thought of mine shall deny that I have already received in spirit the fulfillment of my desire and it is now brought forth into perfect visibility.  In spirit, in soul, in mind, in body, I AM true to my desire.  I have perceived my good in spirit.  I have conceived it as a perfect idea in soul and I have given true thought form to my desire.  I now bring into visibility, or true manifestation, my perfect desire.  I thank you father, that I now have love wisdom and understanding; life, health, strength, and eternal youth; harmony, happiness, and abundant prosperity; and the method of bringing forth from the universal substance that which will satisfy every good desire.


As I stand alone in your great silence, God my father, in the midst of me there blazes a pure light and it fills every atom of my whole being with its great radiance.  Life, love, strength, purity, beauty, perfection, stand forth in all dominion within me.  As I gaze into the very heart of this light I see another light liquid soft, golden white and radiantly luminous, absorbing, mothering, and giving forth the caressing fire of the greater light.  Now I know that I AM God and one with God’s whole universe.  I whisper to God my father and I AM undisturbed.


Yet in complete silence there exists God’s greatest activity. Again I AM undisturbed and complete silence is all about me.  Now the radiance of this light spreads to God’s vast universe and everywhere I know there is God’s conscious life.  Again, I say fearlessly I AM God; I AM silent and unafraid.  I lift the Christ high within me and sing God’s praise.  In the tones of my music, inspiration hums.  Louder and louder within me the great mother sings of new life.  Louder and clearer with each new day, inspiration is lifting my conscious thought until it is attuned to God’s rhythm.  Again I lift the Christ high and give close ear that I may hear the glad music.  My keynote is harmony, and the theme of my song is God, and God seals my song as truth.


I AM free with the great light of your spirit, God, my father, your seal is placed upon my forehead.  I accept.  I hold your light high, God my father.  Again, I accept.

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