The Fifth World of Peace

Solstice December 1999

The planet and her people have gone through many changes.  All the species have been through much to come to this point of entering into the fifth world of peace.  The fourth world has been a world of war and strife, a world of control and power.  It has been a trying time for the Earth Mother and all her inhabitants as mankind has brought to the surface all of the conflicts that he has held deep within through the second and third worlds.  This is not to say that these worlds were without conflict it is simply to say that this fourth world brings together all of the reasons for conflict that have been experienced in all the previous worlds.  It has been a time of trial for many and freedom without seeming consequences for others.  It now comes to completion and a world of peace long foreseen is ready to come forth.

The fifth wold will not be ushered in with gentleness and ease, as many are not ready or willing to accept peace in their lives.  None the less the energy of peace and love from the spiritual realms will enter into this world in full dominion on the solstice of December 21 1999.  Those who have hearts that are open to receive this peace will find themselves in an energy of great love and service.  Those who reject this peace will cause many forms of chaos in the world.  The fact of the matter is that presenting peace may induce war with those unable to handle it’s vibration.  When a high vibration is offered to one who does not wish to raise their own vibration they often self destruct.  This applies to countries as well as individuals and for a time things will appear to look worse instead of better on the peace front.  Do not despair but know that this has always been foreseen.  Those who do not wish peace on the planet will create means for themselves to leave the planet through their ignorant and self destructive acts.  It is no one’s job to save them, for there is no way to force an individual or government to accept love and peace in their hearts.  Many feel they are not deserving of love and this is unfortunate.  All that can be done is to continue to love them, no matter where their lives or actions take them. 

The chaos in the world will be unsettling for those whose hearts are accepting but not completely open.  They may feel the pain of those around them or feel guilty when they experience moments of joy in their own lives as others feel they should be wallowing in the fear.  This is never the joy of forgetting your fellow man or in living apart or above any other being as modern societies perceive in situations such as the rich vs. the poor.  It is a joy of feeling the peace in your heart.  Many of you will have dedicated your lives to serving humanity through these difficult times and yet there will be those who feel you should not be joyous in your life as too many suffer.  To be in compassion of those who suffer does not require you to set aside your own inner joy.  This is not what the creator has intended for you.  Their suffering is not your responsibility even as you serve them to assist in ending it.  This is a very delicate issue, one you will come to understand.

It is a time to join often in ceremony and especially on the incoming energies of the solstice.  Those whose hearts are fully open number in the thousands which is a small number in the larger picture.  There are many more whose hearts wish to be open fully to these energies but are affected by influences on and off the planet.

At risk of sounding like a lecture (of which you are tired of hearing) to be fully open during these times you must be free of all mind altering substances!  These substances affect your ability to receive and to discern energies that are coming to you.  The pain of current times has sent many to look for means to alleviate or subdue the pain they are experiencing.  This has led to some of the greatest light workers on the planet being unable to do their true work due to the addiction to or use of mind-altering substances.  These substances do not truly alleviate the pain but in fact prolong the pain as it is pushed down deeper instead of dealt with.  What qualifies as mind altering?  Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, speed, mushrooms, heroine, etc, the obvious substances, but to take it to the next level, let it be said any substance taken over a period of time for the purpose of altering the mind or with the side effect of altering the mind.  This includes many prescription medications.  Muscle relaxants, antidepressants such as Prozac and it’s equivalents.  Even the current usage of the herb St. Johns Wort, effects the mind’s ability to interface with the spirit.

The plague of depression in the world is one of feeling hopeless about the world that is seen around self and one’s ability to interact in it in a loving way.  Many depressed people are energetically empathic and are feeling the despair of everyone they come into contact with that is suffering.  What would be beneficial is to learn ways to work with energy to protect yourself if you are empathic.  Using mind-altering substances actually makes things worse.  When you are under the influence of mind altering substances you are not the keeper of your own energies or what energies interact with you.  Many may argue this point using the notion that many old shamanic practices used mind-altering substances in their path.  Let me say this on this argument, there is no comparison to the current use of mind-altering substances and these practices.  In the current times the vibration of the planet is sufficiently high to reach altered states of consciousness without the help of these substances.  That is one consideration.  The other being, that in these old traditions, students did not randomly sit around using drugs every day.  They were carefully chosen, prepared in ceremony, and administered when a teacher felt a student was blocked in their progress.  Once given, the teacher who was capable of entering the realms without the usage of drugs, guided the whole experience to tailor it to what an individual student needed to remove the current blockage.  Certainly it is clear that this usage does not constitute the current usage of these substances by those who would offer this argument to begin with.

Peace is not entered into by the use of substances, That this needs to be said and that it will make many angry is sad indeed, it should be the most obvious of facts.  The ability to interface with your divine soul/spirit is essential in working with the new energies being sent forth to the planet.  The interface is opened though cleaning of these substances, through honesty with self, and true desire to receive the love and peace that are there for you.  There is no person that has done too much hurtful or self-destructive behavior to accept peace now.  There is no particular path that must have been followed or truth you must have learned.  All that is required is within you, all that is needed is to allow this inner knowing to lead the way for you.  Clearing your consciousness of all energies that interfere with this is what is called for now.  Mind altering substances are one of these interfering aspects.  Relationships that do not serve you or the other person are another.  Let go of toxic and painful alliances that you keep out of obligation.  Let go of possessions that you have no real connection to.  There is nothing wrong with having things, but look at what you have and why you have it.  Rid your life of the clutter of things that do not serve you.

The fifth world energies will bring great changes to the lives of all people, be ready to allow your soul/spirit to guide you to the next step on your sacred path.  If your heart is open and receiving you will not be afraid to roll with the changes but will trust these peaceful energies and allow them to keep you calm and safe in the mist of even the greatest chaos.  There is no need to head for the hills or hide from the craziness as you will know your right place and will be safe and at peace there.  There will be an even greater need for those of you who have this awareness to serve humanity in a multitude of ways.  Some may do this directly person to person, others may do this through meditation and prayer.  There is no right or wrong way to serve the whole.  Remember always that you too are a part of the whole and anything that you do to serve must be something that offers you what you need as well or the whole is not being served.  You are not to sacrifice yourself or your joy in order to serve, you are to serve in a way that brings you joy. 

Prepare yourself now for the coming of these wondrous energies.  A short fast before hand could be beneficial for many, but certainly is not required.  The more people that can join together in ceremony for the solstice itself the greater the benefit of all involved.  The past few years have been introspective times and now is a time to bring that inner time to a balance point with the outer expression and work that we came to the planet to do.  The chaos will be short lived in the greater scheme of things, the peace however will be ongoing and gain greater strength in each passing day.  It is time for our Earth Mother and all her species to rejoice in the coming home of mankind to his true divine heritage.  You are loved!

2 thoughts on “The Fifth World of Peace

  1. What a great article!

    Thank you for your service here!This was how I found your site Googling “The Fifth World” linked me here.

    2012 is not far now!

    Paece and Love

  2. Hello Engtovo,

    I just watched the Movie 2012 Doomsday.I actually thought is was ok.

    A bit on the christian side but I still was glad to see it.It showed alot of the Myan History and I like the way they added newer science and technology to track this.

    Definetely a low budget film.I wander if there are others out yet? which led me to this site on pole reversal.The You Tube videos are not bad!

    Peace and love,

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