Completion is a rather illusionary concept as you move through your life and issues.  It appears to the average metaphysician that an issue has been completed with absolute clarity only to find months, or years later that another version of the same issue is ready to be tackled yet again.  Take heart, completion does indeed exist.  There will come a time when you have truly reached the core issue for a plague of fears and problems that have followed you around for the greater part of you life in various degrees of severity, so to speak.  Oft times these stubborn issues come to completion with the realization that they are far different than what was previously understood.  Let us speak for a moment of Tatiacha, as it is a fine example of that which we speak and we know she won’t mind…

There have been issues that we have worked with her diligently on for the past 10 years.  She saw them as separate issues, control for example, abandonment, neediness, clinging, you understand the nature of what we are saying here.  These she learned to own and to examine.  She looked deeply at the relationships of her birth family.  How she relates with her siblings as well as her relationship with her parents.  She gleaned out these issues, and others, and searched for their origin and original cause.  Some issues she found past life patterns and connection were involved.  Others were clearly related to parental patterns.  She looked at the passing down of the legacy of these behaviors from her parents to herself and her siblings and on to the next generation with her sister’s 3 children.  Vowing to heal them before she would pass them on to children of her own.  This dogged determination on that front brought her to face, dead on, many unpleasant belief structures in herself and those she loves. 

She would lament of the never-ending barrage of yet the same lesson disguised as something different.  The same types of people coming in and out of her life to reflect the core issues that she was, as yet, unaware of.  Some things are easy to spot.  Find anyone who doesn’t have a controlling person somewhere in his or her family.  But find someone who understands the origins of that person’s control and the pattern there set and this would be a rarity indeed.  It is these origins of what are the obvious personality expressions, that we find to be not in our best interests, that are the real key, the real issue, the core issue.

If you know you have a pattern of control for example, you may have come to answer yourself in this way.  Why am I going through this again?  Well it’s that control thing I have going, when will I get over that and learn to let go.  That dear friends is a step in the right direction, but do not forget to keep stepping!  There is more, because when you will learn to let go is when you complete the inward journey that will allow you to understand why you have the control pattern to begin with.  Yes, likely there is a family pattern that you learned, but why did you choose that family?  How has having a control pattern served you?

Let’s get back to Tatiacha for a moment.  The pattern at hand that has unraveled this year is one with her father.  Abandonment is the obvious aspect, as well as what the family terms the oblivious factor.  Do any of you have someone in your family who is simply oblivious of what is going on with every one else around him or her?  Someone who forgets things that are important to the people they love.  Doesn’t write or call, not out of anger, he or she means to, but has the got too busy syndrome?  This is a family pattern with Tatiacha’s family.  It has caused a lot of pain to various members of the family and has recently come to a place in the sun for healing.  This is not a new pattern to anyone it is one that has been dealt with on many levels over many years.  Tatiacha’s ex-husband was a similar man also bringing much pain forth in this ritual family pattern. 

Now at a time of great emotional opening and after many times around the merry-go-round actively seeking to heal these wounds, a door is opened and the core issue is presented.  It was simple, almost too simple to fathom the intensity of its effect to this point in her life.  The greatest aspect of this healing is this; it is not simply about father, only reflected in his patterns.  It has fundamentally connected all of the other surface issues that she has been working on, and it has had a significant positive impact on her overall life plan!  Upon knowing this and understanding it, the letting go can begin.  The reasons for choosing these patterns as a Soul/Spirit being understood allow for it to be complete.  It has served its purpose well.  All of the players in this life can be thanked for their very participation in achieving the purposes of the divine within her.

No lesson has to continue to go on forever.  They are not however going to go away simply by wishing them away or denial of their existence.  It takes courage and perseverance to go within over and over again.  Digging deeply into the soil of your shadow self.  It takes true desire to know God through self.  What is true desire you may ask?  Let us explain it to you as we recently did to Tatiacha, to help her understand it in a new way that enabled her to see how other people participated in her own expression of true desire.

True desire always serves the whole.  In this we mean it is unselfish, even when it appears to some to be benefiting the self.  Example of this is doing what you know absolutely is right for you in your heart, with no intention of hurting anyone else, even though someone else may feel hurt, due to their own issues of wanting to control your actions.  Now of course this person(s) having the controlling desire will probably not see in the situation that their hurt is due to a desire to control you and will blame you for hurting them.  True desire understands your right to live free of emotional control.

True desire always brings you closer to God, it comes from your Soul/Spirit, not your head.  It is not about material things in nature although following a true desire may create a material manifestation of something that would serve the expression of the desire.  It is not about sexuality although it is very closely related to the creation process.  It is in essence a fire that burns deeply and brightly that fuels you on your journey through life.  You are all learning about your Soul/Spirit in life, even those who are consciously unaware.  A true desire may motivate one person to excel, as an Olympic athlete, the one who never gives up, never turns away, even in moments of doubt and discouragement.  A life given as a testament to the power of a life focused on the goal of the Soul/Spirit, even if the athlete is unaware that this ability to move forward undaunted comes from the God source within.  A true desire could be a Ghandi who has a vision of a more peaceful world and follows that vision all of his life forsaking other things.  A true desire is a couple determined to give their children a better life, no matter the adversities they face in the process.

Most every positive organization in the world started due to the true desire, the fire, of one person.  That true desire called forth others whose fires were stimulated to assist in its manifestation.

There are many people who came to experience the world without true desire in their heart.  Some floundering, finding it difficult to put themselves into any aspect of their life fully.  Some oblivious that there is something that burns inside of others that motivates them and lights their way through good and bad times.  Some come with a fire bright and allow it to be smothered by others around them, or allow it to go out from neglect or apathy.  Some come intending to find the time in their life to light the fire and keep it burning, and may or may not accomplish that intention.  Puberty is often time for true desire to flame, but sometimes is thwarted by authority figures in a young person’s life. 

It is never to late to kindle the flame of the divine within.  It requires only an intention to do so and honesty with yourself.  The fire will need to be tended and kept up, until it has reached a point where it takes on a life of it’s own.  Part of tending your fire is setting boundaries in your life and this brings us back to these issues of Tatiacha.  There are people in the world that feel threatened or lessened when they interact with those whose fire burns brightly.  They are unaware that the fire within is their own birthright and they can kindle the same in self.  These people subconsciously or at times consciously seek out ways to douse your fire. 

These are the people that Tatiacha found she surrounded herself with since childhood.  Her father and siblings, the men she got involved with.  Her mother had done the same, thus she was repeating a long pattern.  The two women together have spent a ten-year journey to find the core of this pattern, having to look at many other complexities of their mother daughter relationship in the process.  Now it is as simple as this.  Soul/Spirit choosing this pattern allowed them both to keep their fire alive and kicking.  How is this you may ask?  Let us say these are strong women in earth life and strong Spirits on the other side.  They both have an aspect of the divine within of knowing of the unlimited.  This knowing burned in the fire of true desire.  When someone tried to snuff their fire, they got mad and said NO.  Now, granted for years they had no idea what they were saying no to.  They only knew that it had to be said.  They found in this pattern that they could not count on other people in their lives and learned to count on themselves.  They choose this pattern to ensure that in these times of apathy they would not forget to tend their fire.  We tease Tatiacha that she kept it burning brightly at times out of spite for those who would like to see it go out.

The completion of this pattern in it’s fullness is not without pain, as the experience of the pattern in it’s totality has been painful.  Tatiacha has chosen not continue her relationship with her father.  Not out of anger, but out of knowing that his role in interacting with her Soul/Spirit is complete.  They have love in their hearts for one another, and yet true desire dictates that she does what she absolutely knows is right for her in her heart.  That is to be free of those who would want to see her fire go out.  It is this same desire that has fueled her whole path to Godself, and yet the transition is not without feelings of guilt, as society dictates that you have a relationship with all family members unless they have beaten or raped you, or some other such violation.  In truth you are all family, and the creator only wants you to hold love in your hearts for one another.  You are divine Soul/Spirits with the right to choose an environment for your lives that feeds your growth.  In this case the old environment did feed her growth, but now upon illumination would no longer serve this purpose.

In the 10-year process of moving this energy out of her life there have been other factors that have come into play.  The issue of lack and abundance for example is one oft talked about in metaphysical circles.  Lack stems from feeling that you have no ability to keep your fire burning.  When surrounded by those who are trying to douse your fire, is it any wonder you are grasping for wood?  Emotions involved in these patterns can often lead to feeling the fire is too difficult to keep going, much as trying to start wood that is soggy and wet… hopelessness, helplessness & despair often result.  Psychic attack and difficulties of this nature are like having termites in your wood supply leaving you needy and unbalanced.  You have the choice to move forward with your true desire and let go of these people and situations in you life.  Living free is your God given right.  It may take more time for some than others to move through these situations until they clear.  You are then ready to face any guilt you may feel, and make the choice that is right for yourself and yet wholly unselfish, as it is a choice bringing you closer to Godself which always serves the whole. In the illumination of this core issue, Tatiacha will be able to reach out to others and call into her life those who she can count on and build a foundation of healing that will serve everyone involved, as well as future generations.  This serves her Soul/Spirit’s life plan and meshes with the life plans of others in a way that serves God as her fire of true desire intended.

Yes my friends completion is possible right here and now, in this life.  Choose joy and fuel the fire of true desire to know the divine within and you will have the freedom of your divine inheritance, with all the rights and abilities that your inheritance affords you.


Archemedes & Bestali through Tatiacha (now Engtovo)

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