has been made

alas it has been seen… received…acknowledged

the sign has been hung for such a long time

you stopped looking at it

you questioned whether it was relevant any longer

it is!

It is not forgotten

nor misplaced

it is held most sacredly


do not ignore it any longer

the old will not continue

cannot continue

if you refuse to see the gesture

the new may take you by surprise

you say you do not wished to be surprised


it is none other than what you truly desire

do you think you truly desire something bad?

gesture back

signs work both ways

the good, the bad, the indifferent

don’t hold it inside

set free the notion that anything gestured is unchangeable

it belongs to you

this world

it belongs to every vibrating piece of life

do you not vibrate?

shape your vibration into what you wish it to be

your surroundings will follow suit

make choices that are true to you

that may cause pain to others who want you to be other than who you are

You cannot be responsible for their desire to control you

you do not wish pain upon them

You are only being yourself

in the highest expression you are capable of

in this moment

that’s enough

you are not required to be more

or better

than who you are in THIS moment


has been made

alas it has been seen… received… acknowledged

prayers spoken

prayers heard

wisdom offered

wisdom heard

Your welcome

Guidance ~ July 15, 1999

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