Deliver Me Home

Father deliver me

deliver me home

I await your outpouring of endless freedom

It guides me like a lighthouse guiding a ship through dangerous waters


as guide?

freedom appears to those who do not understand to be unguided…

But freedom is the only true guide

In freedom is truth, and knowing,

unshackled by the the probable obstacles or limitations of a plan

Freedom deliver me

deliver me home

Return me to that which I know to be truth

For in your presence

I know I have never left,

but have only thought of myself as far from home.

Mother deliver me

deliver me home

In your presence I remember the essence of freedom.

In the call of the sweet birds you nurture,

I remember that flight is attainable and my birthright

When I stand upon your rocky precipice

I see the unlimited expanse of all that is

When I crawl into your caves

I see the inner world is reflective of the same.

The gifts of the planet are brought into the universe through me

and the gifts of the universe are brought unto the planet through me

This is freedom and it will deliver me home

Engtovo ~ July 15, 1999

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