The Precepts

1.  We believe the Divine Spark of God lives deeply within each individual, and every other part of creation.  We believe this Divine Spark of God will make itself directly known in the heart of all beings.  To harm the self is to harm every other part of creation.  To harm another part of creation is to harm the self.  We believe every spark is required for wholeness of the One God and that all Gods recognized by all religious belief structures are sparks of this greater whole. 

2.  We believe that all people are created equal and divine.  As such we do not tolerate racism, sexism, or any discrimination based on creed, educational level, sexual orientation, personal economics, or citizenship.  All people are of Earth, with no boundaries, except those, which we have previously placed upon ourselves.  We do not acknowledge these mortal boundaries, knowing that in our diversity there is one true unity, our Divine Spark of God. 

3.  We believe God is present in every part of creation.  Thus any path toward God, taken in love, is a path of upliftment.  All paths of upliftment lead the individual to their Divine Spark within, and so uplift humanity. 

4.  We believe every individual has the right to freedom of choice, to walk his or her truth in the manner he or she sees fit.  It is only through separation when an individual chooses to consciously harm or control another part of creation, that this precept is countermanded by the first precept.  We believe that if every individual comes into alignment with his or her divinity, mortal laws would cease to be necessary.  We believe that morality can not be legislated by church or government.  It is only through ones connection to his or her Divine Spark of God, that personal morality can be found. 

5.  We believe every individual is totally responsible for creating and co-creating every experience they have, through thought, feeling, word and deed.  We are aware that this creation for most individuals takes place on a subconscious level, and through the expression of the mass consciousness of all mankind, and encourage self-reflection to awaken the individual to this creation process.  Only through individual choice and healing of the self, will negative conditions created be alleviated.  Likewise all happiness, abundance, and joy are equally self created. 

6.  We believe the Divine Spark of God exists within the other beings of Earth and the Earth itself.  The Earth and other beings have the right to live free from the ignorance of mortal man that comes from feeling separated from his divinity. 

7.  We believe there is only God and all parts are required to make the whole.  Thus those parts looked upon as evil or dark, must be looked upon as those parts in need of the greatest healing and upliftment.  Offering them love will assist them out of their separation and into the divinity that still exists as their true nature.  This process cannot be forced however and the individuals in question cannot be expected to receive the love offered.  We feel it is not our role to save any and only offer the love and compassion with no attachment to the outcome. 

8.  We believe that peace will never be found through war or violence.  Peace will only be found through every individual of Earth seeking the divinity within, and finding peace there.  Then and only then will we through the unity of our divinity create peace on Earth.  We support an individual’s right to be a pacifist and choose a life of nonviolence and believe in an individual’s right to refuse military service.

9.  We believe the universe has the ability to provide directly and equally for every part of creation.  The only thing that stops this from occurring is our feeling of separation from the whole.

10.  We believe that through reaching and then expressing our Divine Spark of God, mortal man has the ability to transcend mortality, and live as the immortal being that he is as fact.  In this state Divine Man has no limitations of the physical world or physical body, and comes to live in the true world of Spirit on Earth.

Engtovo – orginally written to be part of a not for profit corp.

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