Perspectives on Jesus and Chandler Sen

These are great examples dealing with ascension

Note:  Chandler Sen is a person depicted the The Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding

First with Chandler Sen he really died, he was an old man who had been working with the teachings for most of his life but had not attained.  Because his intent had been so pure and he was so close to ascending the Masters brought him back to life and he then he took his body and left for a period of time to return as an Avatar.  In this part of the story the Masters talk about how his death was a mistake and that it was only because he was so close to ascending that they felt they could give him the breath of life and return him to life to ascend.

The Jesus story is a fascinating one on all levels.  First the planet was on a very dark path far worse than what we see all around us now.  The earth has a natural cycle of change that is no different than a moon cycle or any other planetary cycle.  It has been known by the Masters for thousands of years that the time period for her next continental shifts would be the time period we are in now.  It was foreseen that with the darkness that was so intense on the planet that the chances were great that we would destroy the planet before she could reach her time of changes.  It was seen that there needed to be a great spiritual movement to prevent this outcome.  The master that we know to be Jesus agreed to come to the planet as a Master Incarnate and take on the role of martyr for a new spiritual movement that would distract the dark forces from their current paths.  It was always known that he would have to “die” publicly and be “reborn” for the dramatic effect to start the movement.  His life was very carefully planned.  His ascension was not at the cross, his ascension happened before he began his work as a public teacher.  One of the other Dharljas came out of the Himalaya to play the role of Judas.  It was known that even though on the spiritual level everyone knew this was a spiritual play that was being enacted for the greater good, that the role of the “betrayer” would hold a historical guilt that no mortal should have to live with.

Jesus went about the work of teaching and putting into place his disciples who would go forth and lead the movement.  He knew he was to be captured and hung on the cross to die.  Prior to the time he rode into town for Passover he created a second body, so while he was in one body experiencing this time on the cross he was also observing it from his second body.  After he was removed from the cross having let this body take on the total appearance of death it was placed in the tomb.  He simply entered the tomb and integrated the two bodies (just as Jast did in the Spalding books when they came upon his second body laying near a village that had been in danger from wild animals).  In his integrated body he interacted with those people he knew would be instrumental in the spiritual movement and returned to the Himalaya, where he had spent a large part of his life previously and where he stood forth before returning to the Middle East to teach.  Judas did the same, he did his part in the play letting the powers that be know where to find Jesus.  Then he took a second body and gave it the appearance of death by hanging, giving those who needed a conclusion to his part in the drama, the conclusion they wanted, his death.  He then integrated his two bodies and also returned to the Himalaya

The sad part is when you look at all the horrendous things people did in the name of Christianity it’s disheartening to imagine what would have occurred without this work set up by Jesus, the Dharljas and Avatars.  This is also why he gets referred to as the world savior.  He feels it was a huge group project and is simply glad the planet is still here to move through the changes.

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