Night Sky

Scarcely does the moon

spread it’s rays of reflection

through the winter sky

clouds masking the glory of it’s devotion to the sun

and the light it provides

I walk amongst the cool breeze

in this moonless night

waiting for the slightest touch

of a ray broken though into sight

A dreamscape it could be

so distant in it’s calling

no stars to call me home

no wishes to make on those falling

I feel the beating deep in my heart

as it sheds it’s own reflection

pure and truer than a sun

I bask in it’s glory

Rays shine out from within

up into the clouds

they create a cloudless sky

with stars and moons alight

Unlimited in their power of illusion

the pictures change and grow

into a sky of everything good

the universe has ever known

I sit on a rock

and relax myself for the endless array of joy and beauty across the sky

right up until it’s day

Engtovo ~ unknown date 1999

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