Wing Makers

Sanctify me

Give me the breath of life

Turn my face to the divine

Let the birds of faith fly strong and fast

Wings beating effortlessly

Across the endless canvas of blue sky

In true knowing

Bring tears of joy out into the world

To feed the thirst of the parched ones

and the land dried of it’s rightful inheritance by the ignorance of man

Balance of worlds within and without

Turning spheres in the universe of heartfelt love

Open your palm and receive a blessing of truth

hold gently and see the seeds of this truth grow fast into the fruits of abundance

Given freely to all mankind

There is no power, no money, no control of the many by the few

The gift of truth flies free on the wings of faith

Unfettered in it’s endless blue skies

It never tires or becomes the possession of any

It moves onward always in motion

Changing faces and languages

But always remaining true to it’s origin

Take off the blinders and the sky brightly delivers itself into your view

It is the stillness and pureness that is the canvas of self that the truth paints upon

Making wings for each being to move unfettered into knowledge & expression of the divine

Engtovo ~ December 9, 1998

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