Lack & Abundance

Abundance / Lack

lost trackwhich is which

you can have abundance of lack

or lack of abundance

somehow they both come out … broke

Does that mean something is broken?


in disrepair?

When did I decide I was worthy of so much lack?

when will I realize that I could be ready for a lack of lack

in fact taking lack to a new level

of actually lacking lack itself

so there is nothing left but…


flow, freedom, harmony, alignment

self love brings forth this new form of lack

where lack is lacking

isn’t it about time

hasn’t every avenue of the lack experience been experienced?

Lessons … yes

lessons can be had in lack and in abundance

why not have them in abundance

…or with abundance

avoiding the obvious abundance of lessons

for the less obvious abundance of all the good life has to offer

Engtovo ~ September 17 1998

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