dream a little

think a little less

deliver self a gift

a divine package, as it were

wrap it up with the finest paper

place upon it ribbons and bows

tie balloons to it & float it right into your hands

receiving it’s beautiful bounty

given in love

admire the time and energy given to make this package so special

so lovely

what have you given to self

rip it open to see

it must be perfect

as you only send the finest to those you love

set aside the balloons, ribbons, bows, and paper

and open the box…WAIT!don’t forget to open the card

Dearest Oneyou are greatly loved

I chose this gift especially for you

to remind you that you are special and valued

no other being can be you in this world

no one could ever take your place

no life is insignificant

be simply yourself

that is always enough


open the box and inside is an eagle feather

symbol of divine spirit

and a note that says…

remember to fly

Engtovo ~ September 17 1998

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