Eagle Spirit


Thunder – Lightening – Vortex

Movement – Thought – Transformation

Spirit Soaring

Moving through the sky

Spiraling like an Eagle


Taking thought and feeling to a new level

Leaving the nest

and bringing it’s life to a new territory

on the winds of change

Looking down upon the earth mother’s blue waters reflecting the light

The light moves through the teardrops of emotional release

and forms a rainbow

a promise of a new life

fulfilledin it’s tender energy

and it’s vibrant expression

The rainbow reflects up on the Eagle’s vision

the golden light of creation

that awaits the seeking heart

There may be storms to fly through on this journeyfrom the nest

but they only energize the wise spirit

and shift the winds of change

into harmonious alignment

with the direction of true knowing

Cry out Eagle Spirit

sing your song of knowing and fly

Let the winds guide you to your true home

Engtovo ~ September 17, 1998

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