Speak Out

Deliver me

power of the divine within

speak out in truth of who you are

I give you my voice

to speak near & far

bring forth your love

in uncompromising intensity

unfiltered by mind’s perspective in density

I kid myself not about reaction of acceptance

know that fear

clouds all perceptions

I will stand no longer

in quietness and hesitation

there is no more

to use as justification

A new world dawns

here within my sphere

clouds moved aside

so that truth expressed is clear

I need no permission to be that whom I AM

with all that entails

those who doubt be damned

I have doubted myself

a fate that is far worse

there is nothing left for them

that I have not thought first

The day it has come

this 21st of May

no more will I sit

unwilling to say

I will speak loud

speak true and speak clear

and allow all the others their wallowing and fear

I leave behind my desire

to please anyone

at last I am free

this lesson is done

You may not like

my truth as expressed

that is not my problem

I’ve passed all my tests

no one can know

what experience here resides

why I know what I know

and why they continue to hide

It makes no difference

right here and right now

the energies have shifted

who could question the how

I don’t know

if anyone will ever understand

but spirit’s here beside me

and they hold out a hand

I accept it with grace

with gratitude and love

with prayers all around

below and above

it is the greatest of gifts

that I have receivedn

ow with expression

I can only feel pleased

Engtovo ~ May 31 1998

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