Doubt / Know

Doubt, know, doubt, know doubt

I know doubt… and I am seeking No Doubt

Experience says…

Experience is limited by a limited world

what does it know… doubt

Experience knows doubt, delusion, fear, disappointment

It has glimmers of magic and synchronicity

divine coincidence of life

It has rationalized most of it as unimportant

or not enough

or just not often enough

to justify giving up doubt

This is how it maintains it’s illusion

As magic presentsit offers

it’s own version of wisdom

“you will be disappointed if you believe in magic”

“you have put yourself on the line before to no avail”

”don’t set yourself up”

Experience you do not understand

it is your very doubt that must be removed for magic to appear

you are the reason for the disappointment

your fear and limitation and unwillingness to chance disappointment

to trust knowing

If disappointment occurs… so what!

What is the point of your “wisdom”

what do you perceive you are saving me from

why would I want to be saved from more experience

do you fear only that your assumptions are flawed

based on limited input?

is it yourself you desire to save and not me

You are nothing more than a mouth piece for the ego

my soul does not fear disappointment or magic

So I say clearly this moment.. shut up with your doubts

I the soul could not even exist based on your limited world

without me there would be no experience

Know this

I am the life and I will not allow you to continue to attempt to kill me

by smothering me with doubt

Engtovo ~ January 25 1998

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