The earth and her leylines carry me through to every new place

Where her energies shimmer with her love and her light

Guiding me gently to open new doors

Bring forth the new space, lifting the vibration

Stepping up the joy

Circling clockwise, circling counterclockwise

Joining in an endless dance of spiraling perfection of life

From the DNA within me, a call shouts forth

Calling to the vortex

Joining our sacred spiraling, calling forth our galaxy

To come join us in this dance of the creator’s love on the planet

Bring the universal down to dance beside me

Like a father with toes to step upon

And the beautiful mother our earth watching triumphant

The swirling

And dipping

And singing

The grace and humor as father and divine child play in the purity of energies

Bringing all this joy deep into me

Through the doorway of love, given of the great mother

The universe comes into me, into my DNA

Where the dance with the father continues it’s movement

Swirling and dipping its infinite song of wisdom

Into every part of my being

Telling me stories and giving me visions of a new way

To live the whole universe

With feet dancing on the earth

As I leave the vortex

For which I’ve been blessed

I take with the lines that I will hook to the rest

Forming a web of joy and love around the earth

This dance of love will be our rebirth

Engtovo ~ November 30,1997

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