Radiant Reunion, an Attitude of Gratitude

A Message from SpiritEach one of you has come forth with a piece of the puzzle, sacred and unique gifts that the world is in need of.  No one else can fulfill your special part in the play of life.  Your gifts, your wisdom, are not replaceable.  Every atom of God stuff is required for God to be.  None can be separated, only those of you in human form can choose to feel separate.  No separation exists in truth.  It is time that you allow your personal truth and gifts to shine forth.  You have been hiding these wondrous lights of God for far too long.

It does not serve the whole for you to wallow in doubt.  It serves the whole for you to shine triumphant in the truth of your perfection as divine beings.  A friend of Tatiacha’s has said recently, “when I have too much time, I have nothing better to do than doubt myself.”  This said we must assume that you all have an abundance of time on your hands.  This doubt that you feel comes forth when putting yourself into a place of comparison with others.  You cannot be compared except in the fact that you are divine and perfect.  From this place, what could you have within you to doubt?

To doubt your perfection as God is pointless.  What is, is.  You are God and God is perfect.  Why do you question being worthy of this perfection?   In doubt, you question your worth from every perspective.  There is no question of worth to be asked.  You cannot be unworthy of who you are.  Your perfection is not who you wish to be, who you hope you can become, or even who you once were.  It is who you are!  It is only the divine human who questions self on it’s part in the whole of life.  Ask yourself this; Is the river water worthy to enter the ocean?  Is the leaf worthy of being on the tree?  These questions are as silly as a cell in your body asking God if it is worthy to be a part of the body.  It is the body, it is God in expression.

Remove yourselves from the self-created mire of this constant questioning and stand firmly in the power of the simplicity of truth.  Stand together this day and say simply, I AM.  Give thanks not only for that which you are aware of, give thanks for all that is you in unknown form, and give thanks in advance for the awakening of this truth, as it comes to you, in your perfect and divine timing.  Cease the judgement of self, in so doing you will cease to judge one another.  This day is an opportunity to send forth a new force of unity and awakening into the world.  The unconscious world around you is ready to “awaken from their coma”, as another friend of Tatiacha’s likes to say.  They are in need of your light, love and talents.  They will be looking to all of you to hold forth a beacon that they may find their way back to the truth that they are God also.  The numbers will be great, there is no more time to doubt yourself.

Come to the place within where your knowing lives.  Take hold of your thoughts and bring yourself to the divine perspective.  Mind is always thinking and trying to put spiritual events into physical terms that cannot apply.  There are aspects of God unnamed in all language.  They cannot be done justice, much as the word love is meaningless and multi meaning at the same time.  It cannot live up to it’s truth.  No word could live up to the truth of God, love, or even unconditional human love, or the love that ties together the universe in joyous celebration are relegated to one seemingly insignificant word.  Much is made clear through feeling and knowing, and there are many who refuse to feel or know anything, so they get left out of the gloriousness of all that is not of words.  However feeling can be put behind words and knowing as well.  It is time for you all to use this skill.  This is what is meant by speak your truth.  Words can have power, but words made powerful by God are different.

Put this feeling, knowing and truth behind everything that you think say and do and walk forth into the world to serve the creation.  In the process you serve yourself and your divine nature.  Let those who would hear, hear.  Even with this truth behind you there will be those not able to receive.  This then is not your responsibility.  As all of you are aware, concepts filter down into your consciousness taking a deeper hold as they reach deeper levels within you.  When you present your truth with energy behind it and it is received, it will begin to filter down into the person who has received it.  It may happen in a week, a month, or years, or even lifetimes.  This is not for you to worry about.  Simply walk forth knowing that you did not leave your words unattended in this universe.  The energy of truth is the attendant of your words.  If a person chooses to misunderstand them by not receiving this energy, you will remain free from their creations of this misunderstanding and will not place negative thought forms upon yourself.

This is your empowerment in your work with the world community that surrounds you.  Offer prayers of thanksgiving to yourself, and all that is.  Take upon you the attitude of gratitude for all that you are. The time is at hand, and you have all been well prepared by the divine within you to do this work.  A friend of the family in Australia said, ” It is time to bring our spirit down into our feet and walk it upon the earth.”  This is indeed the work before you now.  It is time to harmonize yourselves with each other, and all your relations upon the planet.  Allow the love of the Earth Mother to permeate your being, and show you the way to express your perfection.  Each one of you transforming to fully express this perfection is how you will heal the earth in wholeness.  Do not give in to fear at this late date, for you are a perfect reflection of the creator.  Fear does not reflect the divine within you.  When you stop giving power to your fears and doubts, they become a no thing, and you come into harmony with all that is.  Unfoldment is a time of awe and beauty, and the taking in and beholding of a new world for you, the joy and wonder of watching a glorious act of God.  Seeing the rose bud, become the rose, already beautiful as the bud, but transformed into God’s fullest expression as the rose.  It is good.  Do not fear the changes.  Do you wonder, does the butterfly in the cocoon, ready to burst out and take flight, sit in fear of it’s transformation?  Does the rose bud fear to open it’s pedals and become the beautiful rose?  No!  They are both aware of the gloriousness of their being and fear not.

Be the rose, be the butterfly in all the beauty of God.  Take flight and express God to the highest.

You are loved!

Light & Love to you all,  

Through Engtovo  November 29, 1997

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