Transition from the Show

Come what may I must be true

To what is right for me

Transition can be fast or slow

Quick can be chaotic, but clarity reigns true

Slow is what we have been experiencing

Although the preparation is known

and the transition seen coming for a long time

The wrenching apart is more than chaotic

It is the fall of an institution

The crumbling of a false foundation

That was believed in wholeheartedly

by each of us in our own illusion

playing our unique part

There are none without responsibility

No victims

No villains

But as we transition

Who will be left to feel victimized?

And who may carry the guilt of the villain?

Release… let go… be

Do what is right and good for self spirit has said

It must be right and good for all

Or it could not be right and good for self

Even if the all is blind… to the right… and the good

We have continued to honor our parts…

Choose to rewrite this part to a higher vibration

And clearly you are simply a prima donna

So special must you be

That you would dare to rewrite your part

Change the dynamic of the play… the show… the drama

Perhaps your unwarranted changes

Will not bring favor in the world

And the show will close to nasty reviews

The all of your cast will be

Jobless… Cast out… Angry… and bitter

The fault placed where it is seen to belong

And guilt placed upon the shoulders of the faulted one

With expectations of its acceptance

The guilt will not be shouldered any longer

The run of the show was foreseen in advance

The knowledge was shared, so all could prepare

And simply the cast all chose not to

The torment and fear… anger and bitterness… is of their own making

Should one cast member set aside

Joy… Happiness… wisdom… freedom

And perfection of divine spirit

For the torment self created by the rest?

ABSURD! Says the spirit of the divine

There are tickets out of the show

Handed out free by the Father

Didn’t the cast see him offer?

One opened a hand and received the ticket

And transformed the show

Foreseen as playing the role of prima donna

As this one walks out of the theater and closes the door

There is no looking back

This one has been freed

Simply by noticing the ticket that said FREE

The cast will go on with a transition of plays

Without their star player

A new star will have to be tailored

They’ll weep and they’ll whine… they’ll complain

All the while wanting what they refuse to see

And wondering why they cannot have it

With every transition from the show they will reorganize again

And start it all over

Never seeing the free ticket

Resenting any who do

Because the play is their focus

… and the show must go on

Once you’ve transitioned from the show

You may observe now and then

From high in the balcony

Your perspective now changed

What was once your high drama

Has become the finest of comedies

You laugh loud and hearty

And clap and stomp your feet

Acknowledging a fine performance

Perhaps the best that you’ve seen

As you look down upon the theater

You remember the walk up the long isle

Leading you to the door

Remembering the energy being sent your way

By angry cast members that preordained day

From your perch in the balcony

You see much the same cast

Playing the same characters as before you left

The anguish you felt has long since past

Your heart filled with love and forgiveness

For all in your cast

As you stand to leave and offer your applause

Don’t forget to thank them

For in playing their parts

They catapulted you to the door

Although they resented you for walking through it

They also gained knowledge that it could be done

And in offering these thank yous

You send love… and vibrations of divinity…

In the form of a ticket that says FREE

Engtovo ~ November 13, 1997

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