The Lovers

energies blended and retracted

wax dripping slowly from the candle

intuned to the flicker of it’s flame

whispered touches

in the essence of roses

silently surrounding the image of

the lovers

radiant skins moving in the candles glow

the music of souls

pulsing forth the rhythm of divine union

intention is clear and pure

from the depth of all life

sacred exchange of hearts

pour forthin infusion of sensation

tingling sweet sensation

anticipation of ascension

to a state of ecstatic oneness

beams of moonlight come forth

in glimmered reflection

awakening new senses

flooding the emotions

exciting the mind and body

into a heightened level of awareness

deepened knowing in their eyes

every sensation becomes divine

each touch an explosion of pleasure

eternally beating hearts

pounding in passionate harmony

exploration of kisses

enchant and envelop their consciousness

blood races to greet the tender arrival of each kiss

as the candle burns down

surrounding the wick

in it’s pool of heated wax

the intensity of their passion

ignites the flame of transformation

bodies gently caressing one another

leading to heights unimagined

in the culmination

of their sacred rite

spirit’s joined

each coming forth in wholeness

In the aftermath of creation

scents linger

as the golden rays of sunlight

illuminate the lovers

wrapped in each others arms

knowing only the love they embrace

they will never see the world the same

It has been changed forever

with energies blended and retracted

Engtovo ~ November 13 1997

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