The Divine In Me

Walking down the path of true desire

there is but one place to arrive

The arrival is the place of true departure

It is the divine in me

Never was this divine anywhere other than within me

Never did it or could itdiminish or fade

It has been ever-present

guiding me with consciousness

to the perfect time of arrival

There is no otherthat I could be

perfection is the law

that lives in my divine nature

Harmony and balance are my constant companions

at times they have appeared to be lost in a fog of delusion

But they are me



divine principal of life

I drop my cloak and find that I am warmer without it

as it has blocked the receiving and giving

of the love of all that is

I remove my sandals

and place my feet

lightly upon the Earth

I walk upon her sacred energies

not disturbing her physical expression

but remaining at one with her

Her joy reaches up to touch me

divine principal to divine principal

mine returns to her

as we dance the joyous dance of our oneness

Together we reach forth to the universe

beyond this earth

and incorporate all that we come across

into our one divine heart

For us there ceases to be other

and only the expression of true divine desire remains

As we move within the softly flowing one

we find the peace that has been there always

Divine Principal moving out from us in female form

Gentle waves of imminent love

ever nourishing the seekers of peace

with the remembrance

that peace

is their divine inheritance as self

Engtovo ~ November 7 1997

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