Debating the Abyss


the abyss

can it exist

if you’ve risen above it

if you believe, it can

with a change of perspective

you rise above it now

this time understanding

what it is to fall

back to debating

you’ve been to the bottom

does the bottom

still exist

hell yes

you’ve been there

you know

you’ve experienced…it’s you truth

or is it your… illusion


the abyss




in shadow

if I fall again

I’ll bring a flashlight

one tiny light in the giant abyss

what’s wrong with all of this

the batteries will die

the container will break

nothing will be left

nothing but faith

sitting at the bottom

wallowing in fear

there is nothing left

only to question

which is truth

which is illusion


the abyss

choose to rise above it again

then give it no power

then you can bloom

and be God’sperfect flower

the abyss will disappear

cease to exist

with your conscious choice

your life has been fixed

no longer


the abyss

Engtovo ~ November 7 1997

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