Truth & Illusion

Where is the line between my truth and my illusion

How do I findwhat in truth

leads me homeand what serves as my distraction

How much time and energy do I give figuring out things

that do not need to be figured out

What is the essence and true focus

synchronicity creeps into the scenario of the mind’s thoughts

right beside of sequence

The mind continues on an endless quest

for mortal thoughts to convince itself

that the divine nature of self will never come to full expression

It plans

and attaches

and plans some more

tomorrownext week…month…year

Looking ahead to endless years of mortal living

leaving no room for the divine to take hold

Effort once again

of control

comes forth to guide the next step into dissatisfaction

that will serve as proof

that the true divine is still far out to sea

on the endless thoughts of this active mind

Why do you bother with these games you play with self

know you not that soul’s plan is truly followed

the illusion of your control is your greatest folly

The mortal must give way

when the divine pushes out

it has no abilityto stand and fight

The divine expression is inevitable

and happens behind the back of the mind

so to speak

while it flounders on endless thoughts

of control and distraction

Continue my dear and loving mind to distract yourself

for while you were thinking

the soul moved out into full expression

and moves in and through you

changing you evermore

Engtovo ~ September 13 1997

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