let go

be free

Attachment pulls me into the dawn of a new mortal day

The divine speaks gently of the freedom found

in bringing attachment to an end

Dreams are born in attachment

and end in same

The divine is born in freedom

and always remains the same

I ground myself to my Earth Mother

and send out filaments of light

to all that I seek

Drawing to me the desired experience

While I am immersed in this experience

I attach myself to ideas of what I should be

and get angry that it is not such

Forgotten already are the filaments of light

which I myself wove into my current fabric of life

Do I have so little faith in the strength and wisdom of my web

would it…could it

bring me other

than that which will allow me the greatest opportunity for growth

Why must I decide what I think would be better

and attach myself to that illusion

of the mortal me

This moment shimmers

in the beautiful web of my divine plan

In it’s glistening light

it offers me all that I need in truth

not in illusion

My journey is now to see this truth

and let go of the desire

to bring forth the illusion

Engtovo ~ September 13 1997

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