Ascension – Our Return to Eden

Eden is the representative image of our true divine inheritance.  It was not a singular place, but a state of perfection that we lived in upon the earth.  Now our ascension process is simply the return to our higher state of awareness that is perfection in fact.  Ascending our vibration, back to our state of divine Eden, is our heaven on earth.  It is the truth of who we are now, the truth of who we’ve always been.  We came to earth as divine Gods in full dominion, as caretakers of our beautiful planet.  Everything was abundant in this divine state.  This place of our true origin is remembered by many names in different cultures.  Eden  is our true state of awareness, and Turtle Island is our place of density, as remembered here in the Americas.  Eden represents the perfect balance of spirit and earth, where all people lived in their perfection, as God man, in total harmony.  This state of being is still deep within every atom.  It is in our hearts, our bodies, our planet, and our breath.  It surrounds and envelops us daily.When we put our true thought upon it, we activate it, and enact the divine law that awakens the place of Eden within us.  In this moment, our perfection is radiating out from within, seeking a full expression upon the planet.  We put these energies into motion with true desire, and true thought of our oneness and love for all of life.  Divine law states that what we enact, with true desire, must come forth.  As we move forward in our desire to ascend our vibration, it must move out of the way anything that is at a lower vibration than that which we have enacted with this divine law.  This is the processing of our lessons and issues that we came to the planet with.  As we embrace this processing, and ask for assistance from our guidance, we gain insight into the true nature of our being.  This allows us to further our true desire to a higher state of vibration not currently understood.  When we turn away from the processing of our lessons, we encounter resistance, fear, and struggle, we draw out the process of change. 

We must remember to take unto ourselves the new attitudes of divine thought as we move along the path.  What we desire truly can be complete in an instant.  We are not limited by anything other than our thought of limitation.  Moving beyond our limited thought can be a slow process or an instantaneous awakening, based on where we place our desire, and the thought of truth we put behind it.  Divine Principle of life moves through us and moves us to this place of truth, by filtering down these concepts from trust, belief, and faith to the place of absolute knowing, where the law becomes us in tangible form.  Absolute knowing is the awakening of the truth on the atomic level.  It is the place beyond all doubt, and all fear.  It does not require belief or faith.  It is a way of being that is foreign to our current western mind set.  In the west we look to knowing as being that which we have learned from experience, or from intellectual pursuits.  Absolute knowing comes from acceptance of the divine within.  This knowing radiates throughout your being, and does not require thought to make it so.  It is the true human, the Christ of God standing forth.

The Christ is the divine in man, God man in perfect reflection of the Creator.  This Christ lives within everything.  Often misunderstood as a term relating only to the man Jesus, the Christ is our divine inheritance as sons & daughters of God.  Standing forth in our Christhood, we express the state of divine Eden upon the planet.  All the great Masters and teachers have spoken of this Christ in man.  This is the very essence of the I AM.  The expression of the Christ standing forth on the planet can be set forth as our true desire.  What one has done and achieved, all can do and achieve.  These great teachers came to offer us a reflection of the divine within us all, to light the fire of true desire in our hearts, thus moving us toward the ascension of our vibration to our perfection.

I have found myself often asking spirit, How?  How do I do this?  The answer is that divine law is working through us always, where we are and what we are doing.  Divine Principle is acting out the how in this moment.  Our having enacted divine law, is the how.  It is not a future concept, it is right now, in your pain, in your joy, in this moment, you are working your how.  There is no right or wrong way to go about it.  If we feel the need to struggle, then we struggle until we accept that we have struggled long enough and, filter this truth down to our place of absolute knowing.

Our greatest detriment to our return home is our expectations of self, where we feel we should be at this moment.  In embracing where we are, without expectation or judgement, we give ourselves the gift of freedom, that allows Divine Principle more space to express through us daily.  The divine is not who we wish to be, it is who we are!  Enacting this divine place within us, requires us to make a commitment to our true self and our work.  This means we are to place ourselves in the hands of the higher place within us, and relinquish our issues of control.  We can have control, and play with mortal power, or we can have the perfection and divinity that is our birthright.  To most of us the choice is obvious, however, we are not always aware that we need to consciously make the choice.  Today, this day, this moment, and every moment hence, choose your perfection, your joy, your love, and your absolute divinity.

When our minds give us thoughts that are not in alignment with this higher vibration, we need to be conscious and say “no, that is not my choice.”  We must be consistent and determined, for in so being, we have already accomplished our true desires.  We are abundant and loving beings with the right to have all our desires fulfilled, as long as they harm no other part of the whole.  When we step up together to claim our divine birthright, we expand the consciousness of humanity exponentially.  Supporting each other in our return to Eden, listening, caring, and not tearing each other down, lifts the vibration of the whole, and gives love and healing to all our relations on the earth.  This is our responsibility as well as our birthright, for as divine beings we cannot ever forget any other part of the one, or how what we do affects us all.

In our return to Eden we bring ourselves back to a natural state where we will have no negative impact upon our beautiful earth mother.  From our divine place we can create directly anything needed for life as we desire to live it.  Our food, clothing, shelter, heat, power and transportation all provided for directly, bring us back to our state of true dominion, instead of domination.  From this place we end our need for reincarnation, for we end our need for death.  We can live in this state, eternally youthful and filled with love, leaving the planet at our time of choice, without pain or struggle.  Our place of dominion raises us beyond the polarity that we currently live within.  We leave behind the belief that we must go from sickness to health, or lack to wealth, knowing that in perfection and divine abundance neither polarity exists.  These polarities are states of domination, where one can control the other.  In the process of letting go of domination and accepting dominion, hopes will be grieved and let go of.  In knowing, God man does not hope.  God man already knows the outcome of creation set in motion with divine law enacted.  Let us not hope that we are divine and perfect.  Because in hope we find moments of feeling hopeless.  Hopeless is a victim state of mind that is not in alignment with who we truly are.  In order to let go of this hopelessness, we must now release hope as well, and embrace true desire and knowing of the Christ within.  This will enact divine law, bringing us to our place of harmony, love and peace that we have forgotten for so long.  Let us take this journey together, starting right in this moment, offering healing in the process, for our earth mother and all her inhabitants.

© Copyright 1997 Engtovo Bhodsvatan

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