I wonder when I’ll see you again

thinking of your tentative smile

your gentle hug

your distant look across the room

your curious thought of what next

your frustration at our attempts to communicate

and your excitement at wondering when you’ll see me again

Why do we come to density and think

that to remember will make it easier somehow?

Is it not harder to know and feel you must pretend you don’t know,

or must figure out if the other person knows too

wouldn’t it be nice to know you know

and know the other person knows what you know

and both know so absolutely that the discussion of knowing

could be a no (know) thing

I know you know I’m thinking of you

and you know I know your thinking of me

and when I see you again

we will be polite and distant

and wish we could reach out our arms to each other in our knowing

and trust in the universe to show us the rest of the way

Engtovo ~ March 13 1997

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