At last breakthrough of admission comes and tempts me into remembrance of his touch.

The essence and breath of his Spirit comes wafting through the corridors of time.

There is no other that serves the depth of my passion.

Only the spark of divine infatuation flows into the recesses of my thought.

I feel the touch of his Spirit’s eye watching me when I am turned away, waiting to be caught in the endeavor of our hearts.

The embrace of our desires disguised in our shadowed actions.

The reverence of anticipation as we wait for illumination, becomes the action of our thoughts.

There is only vision of temptation seeking expression in the pounding of the hearts of our bodies.

Waiting…wanting…Thinking of more and moving our energies into the perfect synchronicity of two becoming one.

At last breakthrough of submission where hearts pounding in secret echo through the universe of creation.

The bridging of desire flows onto the bridge of completion.

It bridges the stream of light and brings us into elevated awareness of the absoluteness of our being.

Rainbows of sparkling delight glisten in the illumination of breakthrough.

Colors searching for the golden luminosity of the Creators voice within each other.

The rainbows double one to the other having found the elemental nature of our truth.

We link together in an ever living expression of oneness, bringing forth the all of the divine spark in us both.

The bridge disappears and the stream becomes the ocean of one heart.

We ebb and flow, giving and receiving of the water of life.

In this blissful completion we become the creator of all life and all life becomes us in and through the sharing of our holy waters of divine love.

Engtovo ~ February 27 1997

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