A Vision of Community

The Spiritual Vision

Come unity.  This is the essence of true community as it is seen by Spirit.  This community is based on spiritual principle and universal law.  Spirit is the key; it is the measure by which all things must be gauged.  Without the acknowledgment of Spirit in even the most simple of tasks, true community becomes forgotten and the mortal in man supersedes his divine nature.  Communities of the past have been founded in the physical without the aid of Spirit.  These communities falter without this divine nature that holds all things together.  When universal laws are being used by mortal man in balance, physical follows Spirit.  What is created true to the Spirit can never falter.  Man is divine in nature and when man acknowledges Spirit in his expression in the physical world he comes closer to his Creator and his divinity and rights of true inheritance.

There is truly no limitation that man has upon this Earth.  That which man thinks is all that causes his limited expression.  Man was given by the Creator dominion on the Earth.  This is the very reason man has been allowed to destroy this great planet through his ignorance and inner darkness.  The Earth has called out to those Spirits who worked with the God Source to create her, to assist in her healing by uplifting humanity, and helping the masses through these changing times.  These Spirits have never left her side as they are true and devoted.  Now they are here on the planet and begin to assemble in seven locations around the world to begin this path in earnest.  Many have thought themselves on the path for many years.  This was only preparation for the true path is far greater than all have dared to dream.

Those who are coming together have sacrificed much in volunteering to follow through with the request of the Earth Mother in her healing process.  The lessons have been difficult and have left many with a great fear of trusting and loving openly.  There are many times in life when choices must be made and carried through.  The choice to move past fears and truly live is a choice that is seen as difficult.  In reality, it is no different than any other choice.  It is simply made and acted upon.  The rewards are far greater than anything that is benefited by being kept safe by the current fear.  Safety is an illusion of this Earth plane; there is nothing that can be safe.  All things evolve, change and grow.  Room must be made to allow this growth to occur.

This is a time to think about what the future should be.  It is easy to see what the past has been and the chaos of the present in this world.  War, violence, famine, and disharmony have been the prevalent energy of the fourth world.  As the planet moves into the fifth world, what do we wish this future to be?  It is easy and clear to see when looking into the eyes of a baby or young child what the answer to this question is.  Man has created the chaos and destruction on this planet.  Man must create the peace and harmony that follows.  This is done one person at a time.  Only by going within and looking at inner darkness can man heal himself.  Only by healing himself can man heal the planet.  Every person must find the peace inside them to be peaceful in the world around them.  We all have a responsibility to the Earth and to the future generations to heal ourselves and uplift the whole.  to support one another in this effort in every way possible, and to share with others who are ready to hear, how they can do the same.  It is not a responsibility put upon us, it is a responsibility we have chosen, because it is the right thing to do for the whole; We have a responsibility to be community with all its difficulties as we face our fears and issues together.  This is a path well planned out in Spirit.  We all volunteered to come forth into this work.  We knew at the time it wouldn’t be easy.  We came filled not with hope that it could be accomplished, but with the knowing that it will be accomplished.

We have reached a point on this planet where there are no other choices.  Reunion with our Creator  and the whole, is it!  Healing must come forth now, no more destruction can continue to occur, not only to the Earth and her creatures, but to the divine nature of man.  The self hatred that we have wallowed in must be brought up and released.  It is the ultimate working of darkness within us for God to hate self.  It is an affront to our divinity and place of dominion upon the planet.  In honoring ourselves with love we honor all life and create change that moves into the world exponentially and uplifts all of humanity.  This is the work we are here to do truly, on this day, it only begins.  This is the purpose of community to uplift and Ascend one person at a time by nurturing the divine within ourselves and one another. 

We can no longer stay locked within our own homes trying to keep out the pain that is all around us and within us.  We want reunion and this is what all of creation wants for us as well.  It is time to help one another get it.  Balanced expression of God requires us to go within and to share without – giving and receiving.  All of nature does this without  thought, contemplation, or choice.  The rain does not choose to fall to the Earth, nor the river to enter the ocean.  Each plays the divine role that was laid out for it in the beginning.  The divine role of man is perfection, dominion, ease, flow, harmony with all life, abundance, and ever flowing love.

In walking the path to divinity we must receive greater vision and purge old limiting ideas simultaneously.  When we walk in this balance we come to ground each piece of new knowledge and allow it to find expression in the physical world.  Without the grounding of our Spiritual truths we are unable to live them.  This is part of the path to Ascension that we came here to share.  In the grounding of these truths we are able to build a foundation that will serve our higher purpose of reunion with our true divine nature.  Ascension is a much talked about word but rarely understood.  There are two types of Ascension.  The first is simply the reaching of balance within our Spirit at the end of a given lifetime allowing us to choose not to return to the density experience.  The second is the Ascension on Earth so beautifully shown to us by Jesus.  This form is what we came to accomplish.  It is termed Standing Forth.  Allowing the true God self full expression and complete dominion.  It is time in the evolution of the planetary whole for man to regain this knowledge of divine living that was lost in the decent into darkness that has occurred on this planet.  It is our natural state of being.

This group of Soul Mates came to follow this path together, and leave the life that is man’s true inheritance to the future generations of Earth as it has been on all the planets that have come before.  Standing Forth in our true inheritance is not a mortal concept that can be thought of in mortal terms.  It is oneness in action and deed not just thought.  The power that has been given to man by the Creator is the infinite power of creation, whether man be in or out of density does not change man’s true power.  It is not power over another, but the mutual respect and honoring of all life that says; you may create what you desire as long as it does not harm another part of the whole.  When man accepts back into his life this true state of being there is no need for law and order, for the law and order is within the very nature of who he is.  There is no need to suffer and strive, for all that is needed to sustain him is given freely from the Creator. 

It is time to look upon the world and see ourselves not as victims, but to remember that it was we that created this planet and all that it entails for an experience that the Spirit realm does not offer.  The Creator is expanding and growing always and this desire for expansion is ongoing.  It is through the Spirits that the Creator has birthed forth that this expansion is accomplished.  It brings great joy to the whole in this process of growth.  When we forget that our desire for expansion is the expansion of God we come to a place of imbalance upon the Earth.  This is the basis for our current society.  It is based on a false premise that expansion and growth can continue indefinitely.  However that is the misuse of a Spiritual objective.  It is an attempt to apply the unlimited nature of the Spirit realm to the limited space of the physical plane.  It is not possible in this current world for the expansion of man to continue without the absolute destruction of the whole physical world as we know it.

We must now see this and form a community based in Spiritual expansion and a simple physical life that allows the Earth Mother in conjunction with the Creator to provide for us and sustain all our various needs.  Physical must come to merge with emotional, mental and Spiritual.  All four must be brought into our hearts and lives in balance for community to come forth as it is seen by our Higher Selves.  As we allow integration to occur with Higher Self and are shown the path to Ascension on the Earth we will see this is not a question of magic or miracles.  This is indeed an expression of who we really are.  It is not necessary for us to toil and struggle, this is not what our Creator wants for us, it is what we have chosen for ourselves.  Now the energy shifts upon the planet and higher choices are made that will lead the whole into harmonious expression and balance.  This is the essence of what we are all longing for in our hearts.  It is only our mental nature that interferes with our attempts to grab that feeling, that knowing and put it into a tangible thing that we feel we can accomplish in our physical life.  It is here now and it has always been here, it is only now that the push toward this place within us has become unbearably strong.  That’s because it’s time!

It is time to join first our energies in the unity of intent, and then our minds in the attracting of what we need to accomplish the task, then our emotions in the joy of receiving, and ultimately our physical lives in the work that lies ahead.

There is a lot of talk about the current society and the need for change.  There are also a lot of plans for change that are really not much of a change at all.  They are the same old world with different parameters.  This isn’t about the fall of Rome, and the chaos that ensued eventually making way for the next great society that followed to walk the same path that went before.  We have been reliving Rome for all intent and purpose.  The technologies have changed but all the other large dramatic events of the two societies coincide in a time line that ends in ruin.   This is not the first repeat, nor even the second repeat.  We are stubborn in our desire to remain in the same place.  In Atlantis we misused technology and harmed the Earth as we do now.  We interfered with the genetic structure of plant and animal life as we do now.  When we act in dominion, by interfering, without the divine knowledge of true dominion, we do not help or assist, we destroy, and ultimately the Earth Mother is forced to limit the population of man to regain balance.  This is the time to move beyond all of these patterns to create true society where empowerment comes to us from the God source within us and is honored by all other people as a divine expression of the Creator.

This is not a time to rebel or fight the outside world.  It is not a time to call to us the powers that would like to maintain status quo.  It is a time of controlled folly.  A time to do that which we must to interact with the governmental structure, that we have created, in a neutral fashion.  Rebelling against this government takes valuable time and energy resources that could be used in creating a new energy for the future.  The government does not need our help in it’s process of collapse it is fully capable of this manifestation on it’s own.  When we move into the space of owning our divinity, we let go of the fears that cause us to want to act out in these ways, and we know, not trust, hope or have faith, we know, that we will be taken care of and provided for.  The future generations don’t want to inherit a world where we have recreated yet again the past.  They are counting on us to move this energy forward to allow them to come into the world as it should be.

They await a world where man, Standing Forth, is ageless and has no limitations in the physical body,  where a life may be fifty years or five hundred;  where death is overcome with Spiritual knowledge by simply raising your vibration when you are ready to transition back to Spirit, where food is created directly from the universal God stuff, pure and perfect.  A world with no need for transportation vehicles because man in his divine state can simply change the vibration of his physical body to a Spiritual vibration, move it instantaneously, and reassemble it in the desired location.  These are only a few things that man is capable of.  In the transition when some are Standing Forth and others have yet to achieve this goal, the law of perpetual motion can be enacted to allow mortal man to run machines without the need for fuel that harms the Earth and all her inhabitants.  Heat and Light can be created from the universal, without physical means.  All atoms in the universal are God stuff and man in dominion, can form them into whatever is needed.  This is the world future generations wait to inherit.  This is the world we came to create.

Avatars have come to the Earth from time to time to remind us of our unlimited nature.  These Avatars have already lived the Ascension experience on the Earth and then left and took their bodies with them, allowing them to return at will to assist humanity.  Not many people on the Earth at this time have been ready to hear their messages, or to truly walk the path that they are prepared to teach, thus they have remained primarily in Spirit, awaiting us to call on their assistance.  Over the centuries many Master Incarnates have come to the Earth to assist in our awakening as well.  Jesus being the most famous in the American culture.  The Buddha and Krishna also were Master Incarnates as well as others.  It was never their intent to leave us with an excuse for separation instead of a reason for unity.  They all taught unity, peace and love and tried to show us how to live it in unlimited form.  Through our own inability to understand the messages we have clouded the true teachings of these men in a flurry of religious dogma that is difficult to get beyond to find the commonality of their truths.

All of the teachers have in one form or another spoken of the Christ.  The western world has made this sacred energy the last name of Jesus.  Never was this great teacher Jesus Christ he was Jesus the Christ.  Christ is in fact the divine nature of man.  Christ lives inside every part of creation.  Christ is the expression of the Creator that lives in all things physical and Spiritual.  As we move into this time of inner work we allow the Christ energy within us greater expression, and eventually we allow the Christ full expression.  We allow the Christ to Stand Forth from within and express in the perfection seen for us from the beginning by the Creator.  This is the message of every Master Incarnate that has come forth to the physical to help lead us to the path of Ascension.  What has been termed the second coming of the Christ is the acknowledgment of, and the expression of the Christ within all mankind.  Jesus came to give us a glimpse of the possibilities of an unlimited Spirit Standing Forth.  At this time five Master Incarnates are coming to the Earth to help guide the way for our transition to a new world, created with intent and love.

The Master Incarnates are simply those already Ascended that by choice return to the Earth to assist us.  They, unlike the Avatars, choose to come into the physical through the more traditional means of birth.  They choose carefully who they will surround themselves with in order to remain conscious of God’s full glory.  Here in Montana is where one of these Master Incarnates will be born and make his home.  Here in the community we will create for him.  This is the community of the children, for he is known as the Master of the Children, as Jesus was the Master of Love.  The children will follow his lead and Ascend into a new world.  We must set the groundwork for ourselves and our own Ascension as well as prepare the proper energetic space for him to achieve his full potential.  It will be these five Master Incarnates and the children that grow up with them that will move out into the larger world after the changes the Earth makes and the fall of governmental bodies, to share the glory of the Creator with the people of the Earth.  By paving the pathway for this generation we will uplift all of humanity and release our ties to the old world that holds back the goodness man is in reality.

They look to us to teach them of perfection and unlimited thought.  They look to us to assist them to remember and remain connected and whole.  To do this we must seek the same in ourselves.  Children know truth when they hear truth.  If we have yet to accomplish the goal, but understand it enough to share it and know in our hearts it can be done, they will simply know it, and do it.  As these children grow to be unlimited adults these five Master Incarnates will come together around the world and show the people that they are of one united vision.  All teaching the truths of the Creator and upliftment for all the peoples of Earth.

Living the Vision

A vision is just a vision until it is acted upon.  Living the vision is the aspect that is feared as difficult, however, when aligned with the vision as well as with the internal connection to the Creator, living this vision becomes joyous in nature.  Respect is the key to working together to achieve the goal.  Respect of one another as people and as a currently imperfect expression of God.  When we act in a way that respects all, each other and the Earth we naturally come to a place of harmony together that will grow and gain in strength and endurance.  We must never lose sight of the vision and true purpose for why we are here on the planet.  Every decision we make must be looked upon in relation to this purpose and how it will affect the future generations.  When we act alone it is difficult to see how our actions will affect the future, but when we act in unison and are thoughtful in our decisions, the affects they will have on the future become clear.  When we act as one, as indeed we are one, great clarity comes to us to show us the way.  The Earth Mother and our Creator want us to be successful in our work within, as well as the work of expressing these new knowings outward to each other.

There is no time for the pettiness that separates us.  These feelings and actions are nothing more than a smokescreen we use to keep people at a distance so that they won’t see our imperfect expression.  We know within us what we are truly capable of and we know that we are not living up to it.  On a Soul level we are dealing with the shame that we feel in our apparent inability to express who we really are.  All these feelings lead to expressions that come forth and create misunderstandings.  These misunderstandings put us into a space of then feeling we must protect the self and the true God essence that is the real us.  This in turn creates us to go around the circle once again.  We all know how to play this game and we all know that it has served us long enough.  We desire more, we deserve more.  Only we can give it to ourselves.

It is the very nature of this issue that leads us to believe that we must do it by ourselves.  In fact we need each other more through this process than at any other time in history.  Not for physical survival, we know how to do that, but for our emotional and mental survival.  When we come together and share we find that the emotions we experience on the path are not our own, they are emotions that all go through.  The mental issues of the path that stop us in our tracks can be moved past when one person simply shares a story of a similar event on their path.  This is all necessary and right.  The more we wish to hide in the cave the more we need to leave the cave and forage for nourishment.  The nourishment we need is in one another.  Supporting one another takes commitment on both sides.  One is committing to give of self, the other is committing to seek assistance.  We must be conscious within ourselves as well that offering assistance is not opening up to be dumped on.  That is an energy of tearing down and we must build each other up.  If one moves closer to God, another does not move farther away.  There is no head of the class, or order in the world of our Spiritual path.  We must be vigilant in our desire to not be competitive with one another, then we must act upon this desire and refuse to put ourselves on either side of the competitive equation.  When we give, receiving is the natural response, when we take, anger is the natural response.  We need to be in the mind set of giving always and no one will be sucking the energy of another.

All people must strive to be partners with Spirit in all aspects of our lives.  We must be partners with our Higher Self as well as with our Spirit Guides.  We must seek out the Earth Mother and what she has to teach us about the physical world as well as the plant and animal kingdoms, so they can teach us how to live in harmony with them.  We must learn to stop tearing down our genders.  The bashing that goes on between men and women must stop and it is not the role of women to teach men, or men to teach women.  Those who have been given insight from their Higher Self must share this insight with each other.  Men and women both within groups of their own gender bash the other gender and this is where the destructive messages that the young people learn come from.  Only from within these groups can those who know say; this is not a respectful way to act and we must stop doing it.  Relationships are dishonored more through these gender situations than in any event that happens within the relationship.  Respect is thrown out the window and where there is no respect there is no God energy.  Without God energy  dissolution is inevitable.  This is once again choice.  Choosing not to participate in negativity no matter how insignificant it may seem at the moment.  Men and women in or out of relationships dishonoring one another is not the energy of the new world.  We must choose this day not to participate in any part of it.

The planet has been behind what would be considered the natural evolution for some time now.  The anger and lack of unity between the races has been a long and tired fight that should have come to conclusion hundreds of years ago.  We are once again trying to maintain a false sense of protecting the self and expressing outward in an  attempt to protect what we see as a heritage or a race.  It is and has always been the Creators plan for all the races to merge together.  The heritage of all the races is the heritage of Earth and belongs to all peoples.  The planet started out with more races than it has currently, some have already been integrated into the whole.  Each race has a strength given by the Creator that it would hold, a piece of the planetary puzzle.  Only when the races come together as one and intermarry and join the DNA given of God will man have all the gifts given to him at the time he came into the physical.  We have all been all these races in other lives.  All of the gifts are held in our Souls.  It is time to awaken the body of man to all the Earth has to offer it.  This community has always been foreseen as a interracial and international group of people that is ready to remove these barriers and live the truth that we are Spirit and the bodies, in their diversity, are just one more way for the Creator to have various expressions.

We are not now, nor will we ever be homogenized people of all one exact color or feature.  Nor should we all have one perspective.  It is possible for many perspectives to coexist and be in total harmony with one another.  We have had various experiences in body and in Spirit that have given us many perspectives.  This is a gift we offer one another, and the whole purpose for density experience.  We are, and will continue to be, diverse.  It is important to include all people in the whole.  The young and old need one another.  There is a natural affinity between different groups.  When we cause unnatural separation negativity results.  A child that is in a school with only children his or her own age will have difficulty relating to people who are different in any way.  A child who grows up in a diverse culture sees diversity as normal, natural and beautiful.  They do no judge the diversity but seek to glean out of it all of the wonderful things it has to offer them.  This is the work before us in living the vision and the teachings we all have been so lovingly offered by Spirit.

The whole community will be in alignment with the Earth.  It will be planned around the current layout of the land taking down as few trees as possible, and being respectful and asking which trees are willing. 

Addictions of all kinds impair our ability to take the path to Ascension as well we must constantly strive to break our addictions.  Those who come to the community must be free of addictions to alcohol, smoking and mind altering substances.  The addictions that remain are to negative thought forms or types of behavior that do not suit our divine nature.  We as a community must be mindful of these addictions and support the breaking of them in whatever form they take.

A true community acknowledges, supports and discovers the talents and skills of it’s members, and the roles they play within the whole.  We must allow for roles to change as well as people to grow and change and new talents and skills to come to the surface.

Rotation of jobs is not  felt to be an issue, the community is being orchestrated by Spirit and all of the Higher Selves involved.  We have chosen roles in Spirit and have come to do work that is joyous.  Cleaning and caring for the community spaces is something we do together, making it little work for all and  quickly accomplished.

This community is not about following one person but about all people coming together in a unified vision.

All people are working together for the best and highest good of the whole.

We will bring out the best in one another through support and love not through the act of competition where someone is always the loser.  We are all worthy and have something to offer the whole and should never win at the expense of someone else.

Integrity is the key to living in a respectful way.  We must honor commitments made by ourselves as well as others.  Relationships within community can become the most difficult aspect.  Survival of any community depends upon seeing the Spirit of intent in every moment and respect for one another.  The relationships between mates can often come to conflict as they work out issues to together.  It is important for the community to not involve itself in this personal relationship unless the couple seeks counsel.  Both mates must want this counsel.  If a couple’s problems are affecting the whole than they will need to approached on that level and they must find a way between them to stop the negative effect they are having on the whole.  If a relationship ends, and some may, it is important that it is done respectfully and with honor and honesty.  We can not have manipulations going on.  If a relationship is ending both people need to honor themselves and the relationship by ending it in a straight forward way, not involving other people in the action, and taking time to heal themselves before moving on to new relationships.  This is simply a responsible and Spiritual way to live.  It will not be possible to sustain a community where the mate relationships of others is not respected fully.  Despite popular belief in this society flirtation is not harmless.  Two aware people in a committed relationship would not dishonor each other in this way.  If for example a woman was flirting and being overtly sexual with the mate of another woman, this woman should not have to tell this woman to leave her husband alone.  It is the responsibility of the community to set boundaries of basic appropriate conduct based on the people of the given community.  In this case the other women of the community should pull aside the flirting woman and explain to her that her behavior is disrespectful to herself, the couple’s commitment and the couple as individuals and it is not possible to maintain  community without respect.

The sexuality of any couple who have come together as mates is within the domain of the couple.  We will always be supportive of all commitments made between couples.  The sexual orientation of the couple is a private issue that has no reflection on community.  The issue is about commitment honor respect and integrity.  With this in mind, it is not now nor has it ever been appropriate to discuss the intimate issues of a relationship that you are in with other members of the community.  Once again that is dishonoring a mate and a commitment.    If we dishonor the person we have chosen to spend our life with and that commitment than how do we honor our connection to the creator?  This honoring and respect is the basis of the whole community.  It cannot be legislated, it must come from our hearts with integrity.

The raising of the children.  Use the philosophy that it takes a village, or community as the case may be, to raise a child.  Parents need to be empowered in the raising of their children and the community needs to be empowered as well.  What all the children of the community do affects the whole.  With so many children to care for, it is especially important to have a unified view of how the community should interact with the children.  We have come across many parents in the metaphysical community who do not discipline their children.  They are afraid they will squelch their child’s expression.  What results are children that are out of control and have no respect for any one or anything.  Children need structure and discipline to feel safe and know what is expected of them, how they fit into the whole.  This does not need to be rigid, but it does need to be clear and consistent.  Rules for how the children act outside of their private home (those that have a private home) should be clear and posted with the consequence.  This allows all the adults in the community to deal with any child they come across breaking a rule with a clear consistent response that does not disrespect the rights of the parent.  Obviously what these rules are and the consequences need to be worked out by the community so that all the adults are comfortable with them.

Individuals need to define what their sacred space is so that the others do not violate it.  To one person it may be their physical body, to another their home.  We can’t respect boundaries that we don’t know about.

Each community will have to decide on their decision making process. Voting councils or whatever works best for a particular group as long as all members of the group are truly empowered

Spirit feels that this community with all it’s children should have a council of women who oversee the community and hold the decisions the community makes up to the vision.  Women have long been the caretakers of the children of Earth and Spirit feels they are in a balanced place to offer good council through the time of the changes.  During this time there would also be a men’s council that would work and support their issues of growth as well as look at this issues of the community and bring before the women’s council issues they feel are pertinent.  This is not about separation it is simply allowing the genders their own healing time in balance with the time given to the whole.  All major decisions would be voted on by all the adult members of the community and would require some type of majority vote to pass.  Perhaps 2/3, more likely at least 3/4.  After the times of changes this structure would likely change, as the community sees fit.

The Garden of Eden

In the beginning the gardens of Earth were abundant and not limited by weather conditions or even by ecosystems.  Where man wanted gardens there were gardens.  This is the place we are moving back to in our divinity.  80 acres of this community is seen as garden that is filled with fountains and fruit that produces all year long, temperate even in the midst of winter there will be no winter within the garden.  There will be flower gardens and fruit and nut orchards as well as vegetables and a joyous place to celebrate life together.  We will create this place together through our connection to our divinity, and the Earth Mother will give us the appropriate energies to accomplish this.

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