Gemstone and Crystal Quick Reference Guide

Abalone – See Underwater Gems
Agate Family:
Soothing emotional tensions. The Agate family is part of the greater chalcedony family, which is a sub family of quartz.
Agate, Blue Lace:
Helps to release depression.
Agate, Botswana:
Delves into inner conflict.
Agate, Chalcedonyx:
Balance of polarities.
Agate, Dendritic:
Planetary record keeper. This is an agate that has markings on it that look like trees or shubs. Moss agate is also a dendritic agate. Other stones and fossils can be dendritic, but the agate is the most common. Moss: Deliverance of new life. Has moss like markings on the stone.
Agate Jasper:
Calming fears of personal safety.
Agate Opal:
Calling to the Devas. This is an agate that appears to look like an opal.
Alabaster: (Gypsum Family) Building a frame of reference.
– See Chrysoberyl
Almandine / Almandite
– See Garnet
– See Feldspar
– See Fossil
Americanite – See Tektite
Amethyst – See Quartz
Amphibole Family: Calling on new Spiritual energies.
Amphibole, Chrysotile: Developing inner sight.
Amphibole, Crocodolite: (Tiger’s eye) Inner beauty and attracting mate. Tiger’s eye is most common in the brown / gold color, however, it is also found in in blue and red.
Amphibole, Hornblende: Developing awareness in dream state.
Andalusite / Chiastolite: Meditative, quiets mind.
Andradite – See Garnet
Apache Tear – See Obsidian
Apatite: Releases effects of limitation. Different colors help with different limitations. Blue: Expression Yellow: Receiving Brown: Self pity Green: Judgement White: Self worth
Apophyllite: Understanding Symbolic thought.
Aqua Aura – See Quartz
Aquamarine – See Beryl
Aragonite: Sweeping out blockages.
Arsenopyrite / Danaite: Conductive, collective thoughts and telepathy. Warning; this is ore of arsenic.
Aventurine – See Quartz & Feldspar, Sunstone
Azurite: The stone of illusion. Ore of copper.
Barite: Anonymity
Basanite: Dispelling fearful thought.
Beryl Family: Equalizes unbalanced energy.
Beryl, Aquamarine: (Blue) Emotional soothing.
Beryl, Emerald: (Green) Gem of the mother.
Beryl, Goshenite: (Clear, almost blue) Eases communication.
Beryl, Heliodore: (Gold to yellow) Developing new thought forms.
Beryl, Morganite: (Pink to red) Transiting from old situations, emotional, mental, and physical.
Biotite – See Mica
Birthing Stone – See Mica
Bismuth / Bismite: Reaching deeper levels of self.
Black Quartz – See Quartz
Bloodstone / Heliotrope – See Chalcedony
Blue Lace Agate – See Agate
Boji Stones: (Also known as Kansas pop rocks) Balancing polarities.
Bornite / Peacock Ore: Reflecting creative forces.
Botswana Agate – See Agate
Calcite: Internal circulation. This applies to the physical body as well as universal energies. Calcite is available in many different colors.
Honey/peach/orange: Deals with circulating the creative force. Yellow/gold: Circulates the flow of physical things and money. Green: Deals with the circulation of the physical body. Blue: Circulates the thought forms in the mental body. Grey/black: Deals with the magnetic force. Clear/optical: Circulates the emotional energies through the primary chakra system.
Calcite Alabaster: (Gypsum Family) Bridge to alternate reality.
Calcite Alabaster, Stalactite: Bridging sky energies, weather.
Calcite Alabaster, Stalagmite: Bridging Earth energies.
Calcite Alabaster, Travertine: Bridging the known and unknown.
Carborundum: Absorbs chaotic thoughts.
Carnelian: Centering.
Catlinite / Pipestone: Grounding prayer into the physical life.
Cat’s Eye: Seeing through darkness. Several differnt stones can look like cat’s eye including; chrysoberyl, chalcedony, crocodolite and corundum. However, true cat’s eye is a gem quality quartz with yellowish opalescent reflections within that resemble the eye of a cat.
Celestite: Angelic connection. Available in blue and white. The blue when left exposed to direct sunlight will fade or lose it’s color completely and become clear.
Chalcedony Family: (Sub Family of Quartz) Gently moving from a physical to Spiritual perspective. See also Agate.
Chalcedony: Directs Devic activity, the gardening stone.
Chalcedony, Bloodstone / Heliotrope: Cleansing of internal organs.
Chalcedony, Chrysoprase: Convergence of physical and spiritual.
Chalcedony, Jasper: Opening to Spirit. Comes in a wide variety of colors. Blue, red, tan and yellow are good for all types of spirit opening. Picture jasper is best for working on clairvoyance. Leopardskin and Chinese Leopardskin are best for working on more than one skill simultaneously, such as a meditation with a vision that speaks.
Chalcedony, Onyx: Healing of the tribe. Comes in black and white.
Chalcedony, Sard: Removing limited viewpoints.
Chalcedony, Sardonyx: Unity in thought.
Chalcedonyx – See Agate
Chalcopyrite: Cleansing fires of truth.
Charoite: Assimilation
Chasteliolite – See Tourmaline
Chiastolite – See Andalusite
Chlorite: Manifestation of true desire.
Chrysoberyl / Alexandrite: Connecting with the plant and tree kingdoms.
Chrysocolla: Gentle wizardry
Chrysolite – See Peridot
Chrysotile – See Amphibole
Chrysoprase – See Chalcedony
Cinnabar: Keeps track of internal timetable. Warning: This is ore of mercury.
Citrine – See Quartz
Copper – See Metals
Coral – See Underwater Gems
Corundum: Action in the physical. Oriental Amethyst (purple) and Oriental Topaz (gold) are corundums, not true amethyst or topaz. There is also a green variety referred to as emerald, but it is not a true emerald. Purple: Is best used to clear the mind of internal dialog. Gold: Links individuals telepathically over long distances. Green: Calls in physical healing.
Corundum, Ruby: Walking your talk.
Corundum, Sapphire: Excitement and adventure.
Covellite: (Also called Covellin/Coveline) Harmonizes body, mind and soul.
Crocodolite – See Amphibole
Cuprite: Delivers spiritual messages.
Cyanite – See Kyanite
Danaite – See Arsenopyrite
Danburite: Systematic regeneration.
Dendritic Agate – See Agate
Desert Rose: Nuturing water force.
Diamond: Commitment. Blue diamond is the highest level of commitment as well as quality, and is best to represent marriage, and commitment to the Spiritual path. The lesser grades are great for commitments to jobs or service to the whole.
Diopside /Pyroxene: Pressing out of universal energies to all of creation.
Dioptase: Opens doors to other dimensions.
Dumortierite: Develops linguistic capabilities.
Elbite – See Tourmaline
Emerald – See Beryl
Feldspar: (Microcline, Orthoclase, Plagioclase) Help to maintain some type of balance in the physical experience.
Feldspar, Amazonite: Equalizer of chaotic energy.
Feldspar, Labradorite: Retrieving lost knowledge.
Feldspar, Moonstone: Balancing to natural cycles.
Feldspar, Spectrolite: Synchronicity.
Feldspar, Sunstone / Heliolite: (Oligoclase & Orthoclase) Readjusts internal temperature. Sometimes referred to as aventurine due to the fact that it has been adventuized. See Quartz, Aventurine.
Fluorite: Transmutes freewill and negativity.
Fool’s Gold – See Pyrite
Fossils: Bringing forward old knowledge.
Fossil, Amber: Joy and magic. Basic amber is gold to yellow colored, however it can be found in red, blue, black and white. It is usually fossilized tree resin. The white variety is referred to as spermaceti. It is fossilized oil from the head of a sperm whale or dolphin. The black variety is known as jet.
Fossil, Petrified Wood: Anchoring memories and past life information.
Fossil, Turratella: Anchoring spiritual energies.
Fuchite: Emergence from within.
Galena / Galenite: Female energy, calms pregnant women. Warning: This is lead ore.
Garnet: Harmony in surroundings.
Garnet, Almandite / Almandine: Basic red garnet. Harmony in thinking.
Garnet, Andradite: Variety containing calcium and iron. Harmony in dreaming.
Garnet, Grossular: Green. Harmony in loving.
Garnet, Pyrope: Deep red to black. Harmony in learning.
Garnet, Spessartine / Spessartite: Manganesian garnet. Harmony in communications.
Garnet, Topazolite: Yellow to olive green. Harmony in creating.
Garnet, Uvarovite /Uwarowite / Ouvorovite: Emerald green. Harmony in thinking.
Gold – See Metals
Granite: Building a foundation for Spiritual growth.
Grossular – See Garnet
Halite: Opening to Lemurian teachings. Halite can be found in blue, purple, pink and green.
Heliodore – See Beryl
Heliolite – See Feldspar, Sunstone
Heliotrope – See Bloodstone
Hematite: Grounding, ridding negativity.
Herkimer Diamond – See Quartz
Hornblende – See Amphibole
Howlite / Magnasite: Tranquility
Indochinite – See Tektite
Indocolite – See Tourmaline
Indonesian Shell Stone: Serenity of Spirit, quietness of mind.
Jade: Peace, Control of mind. Jade can be found in Light and dark varieties and also in gold, black, lavendar, red, and white. Jadite refers to gem quality, known as true jade. Nephrite refers to green or white.
Jadite – See Jade
Jasper – See Chalcedony
Jasper Opal – See Opal
Kansas Pop Rocks – See Boji Stones
Kunzite: Brings forth universal love.
Kyanite / Cyanite: Instant balance, Protection of chakras.
Labradorite – See Feldspar
Lapis Lazuli: Joy of inexperience.
Laramar / Lazulite: Opening to Superuniversal truth.
Lavendar Quartz – See Quartz
Leopardskin Jasper – See Chalcedony
Lepidolite – See Mica
Lingam: Ancient wisdom of perfection.
Lithium: Returning to perfect equalibrium.
Lodestone – See Magnatite
Luvulite – See Sugilite
Magnasite – See Howlite
Magnatite / Lodestone: Magnetic force.
Mahogany Obsidian – See Obsidian
Malachite: Mind energizing.
Marble: Grounding life long experience. You must be careful not to be to grounded with this stone, as some life experiences need to be let go of.
Matura Diamond – See Zircon
Metals: Metals act as bridges between humans and other Earth elements.
Metal, Brass: Ends thoughts of separation.
Metal, Bronze: Exponential growth.
Metal, Copper: Conductive thinking.
Metal, White Gold: Pure inspiration
Metal, Yellow Gold: Letting go of superficiality.
Metal, Silver: Neutral
Mica Family: Layers of growth and lessons.
Mica, Biotite: Deepening of knowledge.
Mica, Pedra Parideira: (Birthing Stone) Bringing forth creation. This stone has a feldspar core, surrounded by mica.
Mica, Lepidolite: Walking the path within.
Mica, Muscovite: Reviewing dreams of the future.
Moldavite – See Tektite
Molybdenite: The dreamer’s stone.
Moonstone – See Feldspar
Morganite – See Beryl
Moss Agate – See Agate
Mother of Pearl – See Underwater Gems
Muscovite – See Mica
Natrolite: Species communicator, it can mimic the energy of any other stone. It is white, colorless, sometimes redish or yellowish.
Nephrite – See Jade
Neto – See Topaz
Obsidian: Grounding. This stone is most common in black, but can be golden and green. There is also a variety referred to as rainbow that is deep brown to black with a subtle rainbow across it’s smooth surface.
Obsidian, Apache Tear: Seeing through illusion.
Obsidian, Mahogany: Blends opposing viewpoints.
Obsidian, Snowflake: Strength to continue.
Oligoclase – see Feldspar, Sunstone
Olivine – See Peridot
Onyx – See Chalcedony
Opal: Healing of the mind, intelligence. Opals can be found in black, white and yellow / red fire. Jasper opal is an opal with yellow iron oxide that give it the apperance of yellow jasper.
Orthoclase – See Feldspar, Sunstone
Ouvarovite – See Garnet
Peacock Ore – See Bornite
Pearl – See Underwater Gems
Pedra Paradeira – See Mica
Peridot / Chrysolite / Olivine: Healing of the yin energy.
Petrified Wood – See Fossil
Phenacite: Increases dimensional frequency.
Pipestone – See Catlinite
Pyrite: Fertility and grounding.
Pyrope – See Garnet
Pyroxene – See Diopside
Quartz Family: Reflecting what is.
Quartz, Amethyst: Cleansing. See also Frog
Quartz, Aqua Aura: Letting go of opinions of others. Aqua aura is a crystal that has been bonded with gold. This is done in a hyperbaric chamber and leaves it an aqua color with irredecent rainbows of color on the surface.
Quartz, Aventurine: Maturing Force. True aventurine is a variety of quartz spangled throughout with scales of yellow mica or hematite. Most of it is yellow or brown, however there is a green variety containing scales of chrome mica and /or fuchite. This variety is most common in metaphysical stores. The process of a stone forming with these scales is called aventurization. This is why there are so many stones that are termed aventurine. The term is used frequently to descibe irridecent feldspars, such as sunstone.
Quartz, Black: Setting boundaries. See also Armadillo
Quartz, Blue / Siderite: Reflecting a peaceful state of being. See also Rabbit
Quartz, Citrine: Male / female balance. See also Weasel
Quartz, Clear Crystal: Amplification. See also Crow
Quartz, Herkimer Diamond: Frees the Soul of Earth bound tensions.
Quartz, Lavendar: Intense emotional healing.
Quartz, Rose: Emotional Healing. Best stone to use to develop clairsentience. See also Otter
Quartz, Rutilated: Attracting universal healing energy. Rutilated quartz looks like it has threads of hair inside it. This rutile is titanium dioxide (sugenite). It is red or gold in color. A redish/brown stone can have black rutile, but this is not tourmalinated quartz. See also Grouse
Quartz, Snow: Embracing clarity.
Quartz, Star: Seeing the true force within. Star quartz is a quartz that when polished gives a distinctive star pattern.
Quartz, Tourmalinated: Journeys into the past or future. Tourmalinated quartz is imbeded with tourmaline, usually black. This makes it also very good for protection and setting boundaries as the black tourmaline is amplified. See also Swan
Quartz, Smokey Quartz: Intensifies healing energies See also Brown Bear
Red Rock: Pure energy. This refers to the monolithic red rock areas in the world such as Sedona Arizona.
Rhodocrosite: Internal clearing.
Rhodonite: Awakening of totem energy.
Rhonite – See Tektite
Rose Quartz – See Quartz
Royal Lazel – See Sugilite
Rubellite – See Tourmaline
Ruby – See Corundum
Saffordite: Generating love force. Mind: Trance inducing.
Sapphire – See Corundum
Sard – See Chalcedony
Scapolite / Wernerite: Ridding left brain blocks.
Schorl – See Tourmaline
Selenite: (Gypsum Family) Calms inner fears.
Serpentine: Climbing the mountain to greater Spiritual knowing.
Shattuckite: Harmonizes, crown, mind, throat and heart chakras.
Siderite – See Quartz, Blue
Silver – See Metals
Smithsonite: Oozes affection and acceptance.
Smokey Quartz – See Quartz
Snowflake Obsidian – See Obsidian
Soapstone – See Talc
Sodalite: Balance.
Spectrolite – See Feldspar
Spermaceti – See Amber
Spessartine / Spessartite – See Garnet
Spinel: Earth connection, power of transmutation. Red, spinal ruby, not a true ruby. This stone also can be found in blue.
Stalactite – See Calcite Alabaster
Stalagmite – See Calcite Alabaster
Stilbite: Generosity of emotional compassion.
Sugilite / Luvulite / Royal Lazel: Healing energy within.
Sunstone / Heliolite – See Feldspar
Talc / Soapstone: Ease of path.
Tanzanite: Electrical impulse magnifier.
Tektites: Knowing of higher law.
Tektite, Americanite: (Salina) Awakening alien energies.
Tektite, Moldavite: (Pentalia) Only for advanced work in the light.
Tektite, Indochinite: (Pleiades) Telepathic induction.
Tektite, Rhonite: (Demetra) Healing for the whole.
Tektite, Tibetan: (Leanar) Learning from mistakes.
Tibetan Tektite – See Tektite
Tiger Iron: Grounds new knowing.
Tiger’s Eye – See Amphibole, Crocodolite
Topaz / Neto: Creative energy. Orange, creating direct from the universal. Blue: Creating a healing environment. Red: Creating a connection to the Earth Mother. Yellow: Creating more light into your life. Gold: (gem quality) Creating a true inner God connection. White: (gem quality) Creating a transition into Spirit.
Topazolite – See Garnet
Tourmaline / Turmaline: Power to change you Tourmaline comes in many colors. Most of them have their own names. There is also White: Changes limitations. Rainbow: Changes expression. Clear: Will change whatever you program it to change.
Tourmaline, Chasteliolite: (bright yellow) Changes intent.
Tourmaline, Elbaite: (brown) Changes perspective.
Tourmaline, Indocolite: (blue) Changes thought.
Tourmaline, Rubellite: (pink) Changes connectedness. Best stone for clairaudience.
Tourmaline, Schorl: (black) Changes boundaries.
Tourmaline, Verdelite: (green) Changes fear.
Travertine – See Calcite Alabaster
Turmaline – See Tourmaline
Turquoise: Magic.
Turratella – See Fossil
Ulexite: (TV rock) Magnification.
Unakite: Unity of purpose.
Underwater Gems: Truth from the deep.
Underwater Gem, Abalone: Dedication of purpose.
Underwater Gem, Coral: Foundation for other energies.
Underwater Gem, Mother of Pearl: Nurturing womb of the Earth Mother’s love.
Underwater Gem, Pearl: Peace and beauty.
Urite: Strength.
Uvarovite – See Garnet
Uwarowite – See Garnet
Vanadinite: Sparks visual awakening. Best stone for clairvoyance.
Varicite: Sensitivity of thought.
Verdelite – See Tourmaline
Wernerite – See Scapolite
Wulfenite: Transcending Earth plane boundaries.
Zebra Stone – See Agate, Chalcedonyx
Zircon / Matura Diamond: Developing trust and faith. Zircon comes in yellow. brown and red. There is a transparent variety and this is known as the matura diamond.

Stones Chakra’s and Colors

Although many people feel that the color of a stone should correspond with the color of the chakra, I (Bestali) disagree. I feel that what is important is the properties of the stones. In meditation, if you wish to work on your root chakra, perhaps it would be good to focus upon a red stone across the room. However, when laying stones upon the body use your intuition and lay the stones where you feel they are needed, ignoring the color. Your Higher Self and Spirit guide will aid you in making the proper choices.

There are a few stones that are best not used when a person is first starting out on the path. The two that come to mind quickly are the ruby, and moldavite. Ruby is a very intense stone that will bring to expression issues of power. Everyone has these issues and they will not be a pleasant experience, better to avoid the ruby until you are farther down the road. Moldavite are very high energy and simply overwhelms most people who are opening up.

Combining stones is something that should be done intuitively. When we began, we used to put stones in pouches around our necks, this worked, however it became very heavy. The alternative is to find semiprecious beads and combine them into necklace form. We use a simple seven strand wire, that is easy to work with. You don’t have to be able to tie the little knots and use bead stringing techniques. This can allow you to use a pendant of your choice and surround it with amethyst for cleansing. After a few months the necklace will want to be changed, and some beads will probably want to rest and not be used for a few months, or even years. These necklaces also give you the benefit of the sphere energies.

Using CrystalsThe first thing to remember about using crystals is that they can reflect and amplify what is going on in your personal life. If you are in a very negative space on a particular day you need to be careful what crystals you keep around you. If you have some rose quartz, you can ask your crystals on that day, to simply focus on magnifying the energy of the rose quartz. If things are really stressed and you don’t have any rose quartz, you can ask your crystals to temporarily shut down, although this is a last resort request.

Crystals need to be kept clear of energies. The best way to do this is allowing them to be under very cold running water, and then placing them into direct sunlight for a few hours. You can also soak them in water, with sea salt and a little vinegar. Beyond these man made ways, the most natural way to keep them cleansed is to surround them with amethyst. Amethyst will keep them cleansed and ready to use. It is especially important to keep crystal pendants on an amethyst cluster when not being worn.

When choosing a pendant always try to get a double terminated crystal, as this allows the energy to flow through the stone and not be trapped. They are best mounted in the center, allowing for free movement of the energy. Amethyst would be the most beneficial cabochon to have on the setting, if there is a cabochon, when beginning the path of working with stones. Silver and white gold are the most beneficial settings for a crystal pendant. Yellow gold can interfere with true energies, by interjecting Earth plane issues into the pendant.

A single terminated crystal mounted at the top is best used as a pendulum. They can become very overwhelmed when worn by someone, unless the person is very aware of his or her own energies and the energies of the crystal.

On the first day of owning a crystal, it must be dedicated to bring in the energy that is needed to make the crystal useful. You shall hold the crystal in the palm of your left hand and you shall concentrate the mind and harmonize the Soul and speak this verse one time, and ask the white God Light to enter your crown chakra, and cleanse thyself and the crystal and it shall be done.

This is quite simple and will make the difference between a crystal that will do you good and a crystal that will intensify negative aspects.

Crystal DedicationIt shall be as follows:

I dedicate thee to the God Light
I dedicate thee to the healing of thyself
I dedicate thee to the universe as it were
I dedicate thee to the Spirit of thyself and the Spirit of the whole
I dedicate thee to the healing of all
I ask of this White God Light to intensify through this crystal that it may bring peace and harmony to the Soul that wears it.
I beseech it
It is so, so be it, it is done.

Dedication for a Healing crystal or healing wand.I dedicate thee to the healing blue light of universal God Source.
I dedicate thee to divine truth of health.
I dedicate thee to restoration of all body’s; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
I dedicate thee to the returning of health and protection of the aura.
I dedicate thee in love of God for healing of all who seek and totality for the one who holds. 

© Copyright 1989 – 1996 Engtovo Bhodsvatan

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