Introduction to Higher Self and Spirit Guide Through Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is the process of allowing Spirit Guides or Higher Self to use your hand and arm, while in an altered state of consciousness, to write answers to your questions.  With a little practice anyone can do it and it is a valuable source of information on your spiritual journey.  It is important to know who you want to write with before you begin.  Put the name of the guide or higher self on the top of the paper as well as the questions you want answered.  They may not always get to all of your questions in one session.  At times, they may bypass all your questions if they feel there is something more important you need to know.  Everyone has one life guide.  You choose them before birth, and they are with you until death.  This is your primary guide or life guide.  This is the guide you want to contact.  If you have any other guides this guide will introduce them, and explain who they are, and why they are with you.  You can always write with higher self.  If you begin writing with your life guide, it will only be a matter of time before he or she will suggest that you write with higher self as well.  Often higher self and your guide or guides will all write in one session.

Start by making gentle circles on the page, gradually allowing Spirit to take use of the arm and begin to write.  If you are getting thoughts in your head, write them down.  Some people start this way, do it even if they seem silly at first.  Some people know all the words one by one, as they are being written, or in phrases.  Others have no idea of what is being written until they are done, and they read the writing.  It is always a good idea to read the writing again the next day, when you are in full awareness, you may get a lot out of it that you didn’t see when it was written.  If you are having trouble, you can ask for an Ascended Master or Archangel of the light to assist your guide in writing with you.  Powerful guides can write really fast and it is normal for the arm to get quite tired in the process.  At the beginning, it can be distracting to turn pages in a notebook and you may want to use typing paper, and number the sheets so that as you are writing, the pages can be thrown aside and you will know what order they belong in when you are complete.  The writing may resemble yours, or may be completely different.  It may change from guide to guide, dependant on how much control you exert in the process.  Ascended Masters are notorious for huge, messy, fast writing.  The higher self is most likely to write more slowly, perhaps following the lines.

As soon as you finish writing, read over the writing and dot i’s, and cross t’s.  Rewrite any sloppy words.  Make sure you can fully understand all of the writing.  If you wait until the next day you will be surprised at how much is a blur to you.

The meditation script is being included so that if you want, you can record it in your own voice for further writings.  Anyone who is adept at meditation, can probably continue to write without a tape, after their first successful attempt.  After you write for a time, you will realize that you no longer need the tape to get into the proper space to write, even if you have not been meditating on a regular basis.  If you make yourself a tape, you may want to leave off the awakening sequence at the end, so that you are not limiting your writing time, and add a suggestion before writing, that as soon as your writing is complete, you will be fully awake and energized.

Meditation Script

Close your eyes.

Imagine the warm sun touching you on a spring day.

Hear the water of the stream floating across the stones of it’s bed.

Smell the sweet warmth of the Earth’s aroma coming into your conscious awareness.

Feel the outside world slip away, taking with it all your cares and worries.

You are totally immersed now in the sacred private place, your own private Earth.

The birds begin to sing and with their song you become more and more a part of the totality of the scene.

You begin to see a glowing energy around your body.

This energy now reaches out and touches everything around you.

Sense the wisdom that surrounds and envelops you.

Open your heart to the messages of the true nature of oneness.

Take a deep, deep breath now, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Repeat this process as you go down deeper into total relaxation.

I’m going to count down from 7 to 1, with each number you feel closer and closer to your true nature.

Number seven, deepening your sense of safety and relaxation.

Six, you are enveloped in the protection of the white light.

Five, feeling your body lighten, to weightlessness.

Four, feeling absolute balance.

Three, deeper into joy and completion.

Two, becoming aware of a glorious energy nearing you

One, standing face to face with your higher self.

Feel the outstretched arms of your higher self embrace you with absolute love.

Feel this love and revel in it.  (Quiet for 3 – 5 minutes)

Good, allow your higher self to merge into your energy becoming one brilliant light.

Off in the distance you can see another brilliant light.

It is waiting for you to initiate contact.

Allow your perfect ball of light to envelop your body, readying it for contact.

Bring the mind to your perfect level of consciousness for writing with Spirit. (Wait a moment)

Invite the brilliant light of your guide to merge into your aura.

Give your guide permission to use your arm to give you the gift of contact.

Gently open your eyes enough to see the page, without leaving your perfect level for writing.

Pick up your pen or pencil and holding lightly, begin to draw gentle circles.

Feel the love and protection surrounding you.

Allow your higher self and guide to take hold and write, now.  (Allow about 20 minutes, before counting people up)

One – waking up now 

Two – coming up refreshed and alert 

Three – wide awake

Questions you may want to ask:

Question:  Am I an Angel or a Universal Spirit

Explanation:  There are 3 types of universal Spirits.  The Order of Melchizeldek.  Melchizeldeks are the teachers, the planners, the priests so to speak.  The Order of Enoch.  Enochians are the grid workers, the builders, the universals scientists, so to speak.  The Order of Michael. (Not to be confused with the Michael of the angels.)  Michalians are the protectors, overseers, and keepers of evolution so to speak.  These three groups work together to create new worlds as planet builders.  They serve as guidance of the creation and evolution of the expansion of creation.  They are created in large Spirit groups, each of which has all three orders.  When you meet someone from this group on the planet they are a Soul mate.  They can choose to have their density experience on any planet that they choose.  When a planet is created a group of Angels is created to experience with that planet.  Some such as the Devas never incarnate, they work with the planets different species, and harmony of ecosystems.  Then there is the consciousness of the animal species, some incarnate as individuals, some are group consciousness.  Then there are the Spirits that will take some kind of human form.  They incarnate on the planet as well as serve as guides at times, and eventually they ascend and take their place as Archangels.  99% of the people on the planet are Angels.  Angels primarily stay with their one planet, however, they have a sister planet that was the basis to create the planet they are on, as well as a planet they will go on to protect.  Due to many circumstances, there are two planetary Angel groups on Earth, as well as many groups here to assist that have permission to incarnate.

Follow up questions: 

If I am a universal Spirit:

Am I a Melchizeldek, Enochian, or Michalian?

Is this my primary planet of density experience, or am I with one of the groups here assisting?

If with another group, what group?  (See groups below)

Am I part of the Spirit group that created this planet?

Have I worked with the Brotherhood of Light, the White Brotherhood or Great White Brotherhood in the temporary hierarchy of this planet that has disbanded now?  With any previous planet?  Any future planet I plan to do this work for?  In what capacity?

Am I an apprentice with an Ascended Master for a job in Spirit?  If so who and what job?

If an Angel Spirit:

Question:  Am I an Earth Angel, Leanaran Angel or an ET Angel?

Explanation:  Leanar was a planet in this solar system.  The remnants of this planet are the current asteroid belt.  This planet was not very far along in it’s evolution when the planet exploded.  The angel group was brought to Earth and given permission to incarnate with the Earth Angels.  This has caused some conflict between the groups at times.  The Leanarans often feel this is not their home, dependant on how many lives they spent on their planet before it exploded.  There were to be three planets that would be inhabited in this solar system, Mars, Earth and Leanar.  When Leanar blew up, the Angel group for Mars had not been birthed from the Source yet.  Mars chose under the circumstances to not continue her planned evolution. 

Every planet in it’s evolution goes on to protect another planet.  The Earth will protect a planet called Demetra (Demetrians).  Leanar would have gone on to protect a planet in the same solar system as Demetra Called Demolina (Demolites).  Because they are unable to complete this mission, the Quarzlings who would have protected life on Mars will be protecting Demolina.  The Earth Angels will also be involved with the new sister planet of Earth created with consciousness from Earth, Phoenicia.  In the proper evolution of every planet a consciousness will be born to be used to create a new planet.  Sometimes it is used in fullness, other times new energies from the source are added to it.  The planet usually resembles the planet of it’s birth.  Leanar never reached this point in her evolution.  The Leanaran Angels will follow through with the complete mission of the Earth Angels dealing with Demetra and Phoenicia.

If an ET Angel, what group?  (See groups below)

What Spirit group of Angels am I a part of?  (There are groups that specialize in guidance, healing, evolution, ecosystems, grid work, protection, etc.)  Meeting someone from your group on the planet would be your Soul mate.

What job am I preparing to do when I ascend and become an Archangel?

The other groups that are here: They are ET Angels, and Universal Spirits that chose another planet for density experience.  These are the only groups that have been given permission to interact with Earth.  Normally it would only be the protector and the sister planet.  It is only these two groups that are allowed to interact in their own bodies. (Pentalia and Salina)  Please remember none of these groups have the right to interfere in Earth evolution.  They can offer information only.

Pentalia (Pentalite) Protectors of the Earth.  From beyond this universe.  They are the small people with big eyes that are made out to be the bad guys of all the movies.  They do not, or would not, harm a human being.  The abductions that take place are Pentalite people in Earth bodies.  They are given a drug to assist them to forget their experience that causes hallucinations that are not pleasant to remember.  They are in light bodies and do testing to help them in determining how to help us.  The tests are not in any way intrusive, our medical testing is far more intrusive.  They are not grey they are white and when seen often present in a grey suit that gives the appearance of density.

Salina (Salinians) Sister planet of the Earth.  From a hard to see twin star in the middle of the big dipper.  The stars are called Mestinal and Sestinal.  Sestinal is the sun of Salina, but they often see both suns.  Salina is the home of the mythical Phoenix as well as Pegasus.  It is a similar planet to Earth, although it is much larger.  The people are very tall and thin and extremely beautiful.  In their solar system they have one other planet with human life and this is Cebria.

Cebria  (Cebrians) Bigfoot people, they are more closely aligned with the sun Mestinal, although they at times also see both.  Due to their connection to Salina and gentle nature they were allowed to incarnate on the Earth as long as they did not interfere in any way with the Earth people.  They have sense been given permission to incarnate in Earth Bodies to help teach the Earth people how to protect their environment.  They destroyed their own environment.  Their people live in domed cities and hope to rebuild their planet.  They also incarnate on their sister planet and the planet they protect, as well as live on ships.

Carnisee (Carnisites)  Sister Planet of Leanar.  From the 4th star of the Pleiades.

Alagara  (Alagarians)  Protectors of Leanar.  From Sirius Dog Star.

Aluvia  (Aluvians)  Sister planet of Mars.  From the 1st star Pleiades.

Quarza (Quarzlings)  Would have been the protectors of Mars.  Will protect Demolina.  7th star Pleiades

Other Questions:

Higher self can have more than one part of self on the planet at a time, or working as a guide, or on a ship etc..  They are called potentials of the Higher Self.   Every potential effects the whole, they can effect your emotions on any given day, and having knowledge could help to understand yourself and your experience.  You might want to know the following.

How many potentials does my higher self have?

On the planet or off the planet?

In what capacity?

In density, where?

Male or female?

How old?

Career, children, problems, karmic lessons being learned?.

How long are they going to be having their experience?

Questions related to your guidance

You may want to know all of the above about your guide!!!!

Is my guide an Ascended Master or Archangel?

If yes what is your job or specialty?

Why did I choose my guide for this life?

What is our past life connection?

Do I have any other guides working with me at this time?

If yes who, when did they come to me?  How long are they staying?  What is their purpose in my life?

Do I have any guides that will be coming to me in the future, for what reason?


Do I have any entities attached to me that I need to let go of or tell to leave?

Who are they, why are they here?

If someone is with you that is a dead friend or relative, ask if they are stuck to you, and if being with you is interfering with them doing their work?  Are they Earth bound?

How do I get rid of them?

How do I protect myself from them in the future?

Do I have any implants?

Where, why, what purpose, who put them there, how do I get rid of them?

What past lives are most affecting this one?  Positive and negative

How can I develop greater psychic awareness and spirit connection?.

What level of spiritual development am I at 1st – 7th level astral  1st- 7th level causal?

Has my Kundalini opened?  If yes what chakra is it at?  Is it complete?

Did I plan to open it?  If yes when?

How can I assist it to completion if it is not complete?

What is the most important work I am here to do in this life?

How do I go about accomplishing this work?

Is there anyone that will be helping me in this work?  Who?  When?  Why?  Where?

Am I living in the best place for my growth and health?

Will I need to be relocating in the next five years?  If yes when?  Where to?  Why?

What is the karmic reason for ________ to be in my life?

What  are the karmic relationships in my family?  What past lives are responsible for these?  How can we move past these issues?

What are the karmic lessons that I wanted to learn in this incarnation?

If you haven’t had children yet you may want to ask if you have any contracts to have children, who they are, why they are coming what they want their name to be, will they be male or female?

What things can you do for me if I give you permission?

What can you do for me without my permission?

Am I a walk- in?

If yes what is my walk-in contract?  When did the walk-in  occur?  What was my relationship with the previous soul?  Why did I choose to walk-in?  How can I resolve the issues of the previous soul?

Have I exceeded my life plan?  Am I close to exceeding it or foreseen to exceed it?

Explain the way you perceive possibilities and probabilities?  Explain your meaning for all the terms you use, such as time reference.

Am I using freewill in a negative way?  If yes how?  Why?  How do I stop?

How do I create joy?

What are my nine totems?  (East, south, west, north, above, below, within, and primary left and right)

How do I heal myself?

Why have I created this Dis-ease?

Are there any stones that would benefit my healing and growth?

Is there any spiritual disciplines that would benefit me to study?  I.e.: Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Acupuncture, Herbology, etc..

How do I overcome my fears?

What can you do to help me end my addiction to _______ and the victimization energy that goes with it?

Why have I chosen to experience _________ in my life?

This is only a small sample of the questions you may want to ask once you get going.  Once you start writing you will think of thousands!  Ask them all!  Never stop asking for more information!

Introduction to Higher Self and Spirit Guide Through Automatic Writing  © 1996 Engtovo Bhodsvatan – Diane M. Wood

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  1. only skimmed through. will read. very interesting and needed. its late now and i am about to lay down but i do have the intention of reading very throughly. keep up such goodness.

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