The Creators Divine Plan

When Spirits are created they have purpose.  It is this purpose and how it affects the way we view life, that I’d like to discuss here.  For as long as we have inhabited this planet we have speculated about who we really are.  We are aware that we are embodied Spirit, but what are we beyond Earth?

When Spirits are created from The Source, they are created as groups of sparks, divine pieces of The Source itself.  Each one of these sparks split into two polarities.  These two polarities become the Eternal Love Ties.  Often referred to as twin flames or misunderstood to be Soul Mates, these Eternal Love Ties are the two halves of one spark.  Each becomes an individual Spirit, free to make choices with or without the other.  So a group of 50 sparks, becomes 100 Spirits.  These 100 Spirits are referred to on Earth as a Soul Group or Soul Mates.  Although Spirit Group and Spirit Mates are the terms used beyond Earth.  These groups have individual rights and choices, but also have some sort of group work or mission.  Every group falls into one of the four sacred greater groupings.  1. The Order of Enoch. 2. The Order of Michael.  3. The Order of Melchizeldek.  4. The Order of Planetary Beings. (Angels)

The first three orders are the trinity of universal Spirits.  These universal Spirits are not connected to any given planet for the long term.  They may choose where they want to incarnate and experience density.  The Enochians are the grid workers and physical creators of the universe.  They weave the rays of light from The Source into dense planets, stars and galaxies.  The Michaelians work hand in hand with the Enochians, as they are the protectors of the universe.  Their job is to keep the grids from being impacted or destroyed by negative forces.  They also protect individual beings in various circumstances related to the planetary experience.  The Melchizeldeks  are the teachers of the universe.  They are the organizers, who conceive the galaxies created by the Enochians, and protected by the Michaelians.  A Spirit group with a mission to build a new galaxy would include beings from all three of these orders.

When a galaxy is nearing completion, and work is to be started on the planets that will have physical life as we know it, The Source will birth groups of planetary beings (Angels).  It is these planetary beings that will deal with every aspect of the planetary life.  There will be weather Spirits, tree and plant Spirits, water Spirits, animal Spirits, and groups of individual Spirits who will incarnate through a human form, as well as higher mammal forms.  The Melchizeldek planet builders will confer with all these planetary beings to make choices about what type of planetary laws they would like to evoke.  As an example, free will was a planetary law chosen by Earth that doesn’t exist on all planets. 

The trinity of universal Spirits sets up a temporary hierarchy structure consisting of; The Planetary Council, The Great White Brotherhood, The White Brotherhood, & The Brotherhood of Light.  A common misconception is that these brotherhoods are of the Angelic realm, The order of Michael is also commonly thought to be an Angelic order, which it is not.  When the planet is complete and planetary laws are in place Spirits create Souls to incarnate on the planet.  These are the Angelic Spirits and also some of the Enochians, Michaelians, and Melchizeldeks who have not experienced density yet.

A Spirit is like a pitcher of water while the Soul is only a glass.  The glass has all the same attributes as the pitcher, but simply loses awareness of it’s true potential, which is how the term potential began to be applied to Souls.  The Spirit of an incarnating person is what is known as The Higher Self.  The Soul is referred to as the Potential of the Higher Self.  One Higher Self or Spirit may have many Potentials simultaneously, (commonly known as parallel selves).  Though not normally more than 5.  The Spirit pours out it’s water into glasses with the attributes that it feels are important to the particular life lessons of the chosen incarnation.  During the incarnation each glass is changed through it’s experiences.  Perhaps one has been changed by salt and another by lemon and coloring.  When the incarnation is complete these glasses of water (Souls) return to the pitcher, thus changing the whole of the water with their individual experiences.  As the Spirit has many incarnations the water becomes enriched with many talents that can be passed on to present or future Potentials.  The Spirit can also create a Potential to serve as a guide for someone else incarnating.  Eventually, through it’s Potentials the Spirit perfects itself of it’s density lessons and ascends. 

Enochians, Michaelians, and Melchizeldeks who ascend become Ascended Masters and return to the work of their Spirit Groups.  Angels who ascend become Archangels and take their place in the Angelic Hierarchy.  This hierarchy is modeled on the temporary hierarchy.  Angels are taught how to continue the grid work and protection necessary for the planet.  When enough Angels have ascended, the temporary hierarchy disbands and leaves the planet to the Angels.  Planetary Angels of every planet at a certain time in their evolution have the responsibility to serve a newly evolving planet.  For Earth Angels this planet is named Demetra.  The Angels are now close to awakening to this work.  The planetary Angels who are here to assist the Earth are from the planet Pentalia.  They are pictured often as the small grey beings with large almond eyes.  At this time there is a lot of concern about the abductions by the Pentalites.  Pentalite Angels have been given permission by the Earth Council to incarnate on Earth.  These are the people being abducted.  The purpose of this is, to allow the Pentalites to study our human form to assist us in our healing and spiritual growth.  The studies done are non-intrusive!  Those being abducted are given something similar to a drug to keep them from dying of fright and to keep them from remembering the experience.  This substance has a narcotic effect on the mind.  As the vibration of the planet increases many abducties are not forgetting being abducted and are remembering the narcotic delirium of the examination, causing intense emotional turmoil and fear.

Another Angel connection to Earth is the sister planet connection.  At a certain point in the evolution of a planet, the Spirit of the planet births a part of itself to become the consciousness of a future planet.  Earth is an experimental Planet that received part of it’s consciousness from The Source directly and part from the planet Salina.  The Salinian people are also here to assist those of Earth.  They are tall and beautiful beings, quiet and peacefully centered.  The Earth Mother birthed a part of herself  to create a new planet that Earth Angels will be closely involved with.  This happened March 30 1996.  The new planet will be called Phoenecia, as she has risen from the ashes of confusion that have enveloped the Earth Mother for so long.

There is also one other alien form involved even more directly with Earth.  These are the Cebrians.  They are from a dying planet, around a star known in Spirit as Mestinol.  Here we know them as bigfoot.  The Earth Council gave them permission to live here in their own form, with the strict rule that they not interact with humans here.  They are very gentle beings, far gentler than we are and they do their best to avoid us and scare us off.  They are also incarnating into Earth bodies to share their wisdom.  They are a race who destroyed their own planet and are here to help us understand the importance of our own Mother Earth.

There are universal Spirits who are incarnating along with the Angels of all these planets that are here to assist us with their perspective of planetary experience.  Some share common

soul Group connections with many here on the Earth.  It is not the right of any other group of beings to interfere with the evolution of our planet.  There are Pleadians who have been given permission to incarnate here from time to time.  They have not been given permission to serve as teachers to the people of Earth.  This is the right of the Angel protectors (Pentalites) and the sister planet (Salina).  Any others are only allowed by the permission of the Earth Council.  At this time only the Cebrians have been given this right, and only when in Earth bodies.

This is a little bit of who we are, and how we are intricately entwined in the divine plan of our Creator.

© 1995  Engtovo Bhodsvatan

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